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3 Women Authors You Absolutely Should Know!

It's officially that time of year where we find that we have a little time to rest, shop and do a whole bunch of other tasks all in the name of love, nostalgia, self-care and the like. The holiday season on one hand is often one associated with family, friends, food, reflection and overzealous spending. On the the other hand, some of us could care less about the the commercialism of the holiday season and want nothing more than to get it over with. Despite the feelings associated with the season most of us begin to look to and plan for the future. 

Goal setting, trips and books are just some of the not so guilty pleasures that we indulge in as we navigate into a new year. The new year is a time to recalibrate the plan to become our best selves. We make a concerted effort to continue on the path of healing generational trauma while developing and reworking sound financial goals. Some of us even go off on the deep end and take personal risks by creating something that comes from the deepest, darkest part of ourselves to share with the world. If you are one of those people, then there three authors that you should know! So before you peruse your favorite bookstore or online retailers for your next book, take a moment get to know these ladies and they will certainly help you navigate the paths that you have chosen or perhaps that have chosen you. 

Lilith Shakti
With over 15 years of studying Holistic Wellness, Lilith Shakti is a Holistic Therapist who takes an alchemist approach to live. As a holistically therapeutic authoress, she writes with the intent of empowering readers to heal and move forward in the endergy of self love. 

Highly regarded for offering betterment workshops, conferences, and retreats, potential readers are encouraged to take the time to purchase her workbook, Yoni Love or Lyrical Showers.  

Yoni Love  is a workbook written as a guide to offer assistance in creating a safe space to nurture self love by focusing on healing. 

Lyrical Showers is a culmination of sacred words that will allow the reader the ability to be simply lost in words. 

Melissa Monek is a native of Miami, Florida is an artist, writer, poet, and educator. As she continues her journey from her first published book, M.O.T.H(Matters of the Heart), she begins to depict an insight of her life through poetry. In this unique way, Melissa decided to put a twist on speaking her voice, using this platform to hopefully reach and inspire those who haven't yet found the courage to tell their story. She know how it feels to be in dark places with no one to turn to, to wear scars that no one can see, and to bear the pain of life with her head held high and a smile on her face. She is truly a testimony of her many tests. A conqueror, a fighter, a survivor are all the titles that Melissa wear as she continues to press forward on her own self healing journey. Everyday isn't a bad day but when they are, she holds on to God's unchanging hand and weather the storm. She defines herself as a Beautiful Disaster, a Diamond in the rough that will shine so brightly with everyone she meets. She is the author of Pieces of Me.

Pieces of Me Imagine falling apart, and it feels like life has just swallowed you whole. The only way to survive is for you to pull it together. No one sees your tears, no one hears your cries. You are drowning in sinking sand and then BOOM! God pulls you out of your mess and everything that tried to destroy and kill you; He turned into your new life. That’s what Pieces of Me is. It’s a journey through my life and the things I’ve overcome. We all have a story, and I hope mine helps someone in some way to at least begin to deal with the silent demons of their past. This book will take you on highs and lows and make you happy and sad. But the connection you can take away from it will surely touch you.

Jeanette MsNightLyfe Ferrell 
Jeanette MsNightLyfe Ferrell is an award winning, international poet, published columnist, author, activist, educator, and motivational speaker. MsNightLyfe has inspired audiences around the world with encouraging words, narrative changing workshops, and an unrelentless commitment to using the power of words to ignite change.

She has authored 3 books. What You Not Gon' Do: A Book of Say It Plain Notions and Poetry, published in July 2019 is MsNightLyfe's most recent publication. MsNightLyfe's first book, Velvet Truths, a book of poetry was published in 2013. Her second published work, Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide to Self-Care was released in 2016. She has been published in varous media outlets, to include Tagg Magazine and Swerv Magazine. Her poetic accolades includes international work with SpokenWord Paris in Paris, France and Vortex in London with Natalie Stewart (Floacist) of Floetry. MsNightLyfe was nominated the 2016 Spoken Word Artist of the year and the Erotic Poet of the year. She has also been crowned as the National Poetry Awards 2015 Erotic Poet of the Year. She is an associate producer and member of The Punany Poets, from HBO's Real Sex. 

What You Not Gon' Do: A Book of Say It Plain Notions and Poetry is a compilation of poems, encouraging quotes and gentle reminders that women don't seek permission. It says it plain...I don't need your permission to be Wild. Woman. Free, nor, am I asking.

Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide to Self-Care There is a tendency for women to pour themselves into everything and everyone but themselves. On the list of daily living self-care is often absent or at the very bottom of the list, and the time has presented itself for that to change. How does a woman of color put herself at the top of the To-do list?
The days of serving others without regard for self has begun to take its toll on even the strongest of women. Self-care is often put somewhere between sleeping and making breakfast for the kids in the morning. And while there is plenty of information available on how to care for everything from How to books on raising kids and increasing income, there seems to be a lack of information regarding self-care. How does a woman of color find the energy to care for herself when she selflessly gives herself to others in a society that does little to provide care for them?

Check out these amazing authors. Their works makes great stocking stuffers AND are perfect "go to books" no matter your reason for inquiry or purchase. 

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Friday, August 16, 2019

I Am Not My Hair: Police Me Not

Courtesy of Project Embrace
Back to school season has arrived. As if its not enough fulfilling school lists and figthing crowds for uniforms arent enough to keep parents busy, they must now also contend with what hairstyles violate school dress codes. For many people of color living and working in predominantly white spaces, its not difficult to imagine being told that the way your natural hair grows violates a school or place of business dress code or policy of professionalism. Furthermore, what perpetuates this narrative is the lack of afro textured hair in mainstream media and marketing. While there is a rise in women of status appearing in advertisements rocking their natural hair, there are still deficits in women sporting natural hair on large and very public platforms.
Whispering Roots Hair Care

For those of African descent, hairstyles associated with ethnic identity have often been singled out and targeted for discrimination. Across the United States, discrimination on the basis of hair is fleeting topic of discussion. California and New York are among the first to ban discrimination on the basis of hair. The New York City Commission of Human Rights states that the same law that prohibits discrimination based on race, gender, or religion applies to hair, which is ultimately an extension and intrinsic part of black identity. People across the country have reported various bouts of discrimination regarding their natural hairstyles and are often forced to cut it off or change it to "meet" codes of dress and/or professionalism.

For black people, hair is symbolic and a huge stance against the violation of civil rights. It is the rebellion whiteness and for a long time a stance against assimilation. In the event that you are
worried about your child's hair violating existing dress codes, it is suggested that you stand to break boundaries and change the perception, one coil at a time.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Watch WHAT You Allow In Your Head: Wood Combs and Natural Hair

Whispering Roots Hair Care Products
If you ask any black woman about their hair care experience while growing up, the stories you are bound to hear will be seemingly one of pain and torture. From pressing combs to ponytail holders there isn't a shortage of the horror that came from a typical moment of hair combing. Some of those pain inducing treasures are sitting in our bathroom cabinets right now....I'm not talking about barettes are harsh chemicals, im talking about plastic combs. You just flashed back to a time it felt like you were being stabbed, scratched and violated by a plastic comb in your hair.

Plastic combs are known to dig into the scalp and if you have thick (high density), dry (low porosity) hair then you know how torturous plastic combs are to the scalp and how damaging they can be to your natural tresses. Plastic combs are easy to produce, economical and durable compared to other (earlier) combs, such as wooden combs. Convenience and mass production made plastic combs the primary tool for separating hair follicles.

Wooden combs, however, are absolute must-haves for natural, thick and curly hair. Sandalwood combs are perfect for maintaining and encouraging the growth of natural hair. Using a sandalwood comb in your crown has a few benefits you may want to make note of.

Whispering Roots Hair Oil
Sandalwood combs don't produce static as often found in plastic/rubber based combs. This prevents hair breakage and helps detangle the hair. In addition the teeth of the comb massages the scalp as opposed to digging and scratching. This helps stimulate the scalp by increasing blood flow and encouraging nutrient deposits to the roots.The natural wooden fibers of the teeth of the comb helps condition the scalp distributing the natural oils from the roots down the hair to its ends. This helps minimze dandruff production. Using a wooden comb in your natural hair will give you that beautiful and healthy mane that you have been working so hard to maintain.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Black Hair Don't Care: How to Manage Your Low Porosity, High Density Hair

Source: Youtube
The growth of the natural hair care business is booming! More women are returning to their roots, while caring for their roots. >Insert boisterous laughter here> No? Ok, bad joke aside, according to a research by Mintel, more black women in the United States of America are gravitating towards natural hair care products and this has seen an increase in the sale of hair styling products, which jumped to 26.8 percent between 2013 and 2015, reaching a value of $946 million which represents more than 16 percent of the overall hair industry. Black women are moving away from chemical based products, this change in lifestyle has created the boom in natural hair care product sales. 

While business is booming, there are a massive number of women that find it difficult to manage natural hair. Deciding to go natural involves a process almost as rigorous as the FBI hiring process. After finally taking the leap of faith to just do it, because why not, do the most liberating, socially rebellious thing as wearing the hair God gave the lady must:

*determine the type of hair they have (like seriously, what does the c in 4c hair even stand for?)

*identify if its low, medium or high porosity and density (My hair is poros? What is that? Is it bad? Is this why my hair is thick?)

*search high and low for the right hair care products (is there a medium search button for hair care products? i'm on product 8 bazillion and 5, i'd like to scale this back)

*research "growing hands" stlyists (Is this stylist a renowned edge whisperer?)

*develop an intense daily and weekly regiment to ensure healthy manageable hair (Why does my hair feel drier than the desert, I've moisturized daily?)

Whispering Roots Hair and Scalp Moisturizer
So, while getting back to the root of all is on a steady rise, choosing to properly care for your natural hair is not easy requires tenacity and werewithal. While there are several places to start, understanding your hair type can be the most difficult one to start with. No worries, we will provide a cliffsnotes version, a cheat sheet if you will to putting the pieces of your hair puzzle together. 

You've finally did the big chop and are now standing in the mirror envisioning yourself in the middle of the beauty supply with what seems to be miles and aisles of products. Where do you begin? How do you decide? Before you jet out the door, do a simple search on your hair type based on its porosity and density. Porosity is your hair's ability to absorb moisture/water. Low porosity hair is resistant to moisture and if tested (clean hair only) will float in a bowl of water. This hair type finds difficutly in getting water in and keeping it there. High porosity hair absorbs moisture greatly. This leads to frizzy hair. Choose products that are water soluble if you have low porosity hair as this aid in the reduction of build up and are rich in moisture. For high porosity hair choose products that protein rich and lightweight to avoid heavy hair. 

If you have ever heard an elder in your family say, "That baby sure has some thick hair" then you have an idea of what hair density is. It simply refers to the thickness of your hair. This is not be confused with the hair strand, but rather the thickness of your hair in any given section of your head. Thick hair bearers (high density hair) should use products that are heavier. However, beware if you are low porosity and high density as thicker products may block /seal the small folicle openings before moisture has a chance to penetrate. So always moisturize before sealing with heavier products. Low density hair should use leave-in conditioners that promises appearance of fuller hair. 

Now that you have had your science lesson on hair, lets discuss the economics of hair care other words, let us examine how what supply of products your hair will demand. Low porosity hair should look for products with water and either coconut, sunflower, grapeseed, or argan oil in the first six ingredients. Jojoba, jamaican black castor oil, almond oil and shea butter will also work for sealing the moisture in. Adding heat to your regiment also helps hold moisture in. High porosity hair should seek products with avocado oil or high protein conditioners to help control the frizz. In addition to these products, creating a diy at home conditioner using any combination of these products that may work for you: honey, mayo, avocado, olive oil, and a banana. 

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019



Washington, DC Release: May 7, 2019. For Immediate Release  

Rebekah Laur'en announces the re-release of her first album SOBER. 
First released in September of 2016, Rebekah Laur'en, after experiencing heartbreaks from ex lovers, friends, and even family, she wrote an album exposing her pain and sharing her process of healing. 

Rebekah Laur'en has reproduced and recreated the album, SOBER showcasing her original compositions and production. This re-release is a representation of the full development of belief in self. Rebekah Laur'en states:  "I didn't believe in myself when I first released the album back in 2016 which is why I asked another producer to produce the first project and although the producer was talented and amazing, it was not my sound  but through out time I've come into a different place with myself personally and professionally as a musician and as a person which reflects much of my growth and healing." 

Rebekah Laur'en recorded most of the album in her studio in VA. She kept some of the original songs that were collaborations with other producers such as, New York City Producer, LonzCity who produced the song "Dicentra" and Producer, Z. Gates who worked on tracks like "Escape" and "Confessions". 

SOBER is composed of 11 Tracks, each being it's own song while yet sticking to the solid story line. From the textures to the colorful sounds of her own unique touch to her music, you can't help but get lost in the flow of her music, lyrically and rhythmically. 

Rebekah Laur'en hopes that this album does for others what her music did for her in hard times and leading them to the process of healing. This is just the start for her as she is also journeying into her own indie label Sound Proof 4. With Sound Proof 4, Rebekah is recruiting artists healers who also bring about social awareness and a spiritual, mental and physical sense of liberation.

Rebekah will begin a  tour in the fall!  To keep up with dates, cities and locations go check her website: and follow her instagram where she will be making constant updates: r.l_music. 

SOBER releases May 27th and will only be available on until June 1st, after June 1st SOBER will be available on all music streaming platforms. 

For an Exclusive peek into the album, SOBER, join Rebekah at the SOBER, album release party presented by Honey-Coated NightLyfe.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Self-Care Isnt Feminism its Existentialism: Reclaiming My Time Press Release


(September 25, 2017)
WASHINGTON, DC- Poet and Author, Jeanette MsNightLyfe Ferrell in collaboration with Fast Pencil Publishing is releasing Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Gide to Self-Care on Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and on September 25, 2017.

We live in a time where being a woman is minimized to objects of hypersexualization and the symbol of misogyny. To be a woman of color in an era of heightened racism and disregard is in and of itself a political statement. It is in this time that as women must attend to the need of caring for self.

In Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide To Self-Care, the author addresses the hard topic of self-love and applying that love to the care of women, particularly women of color. Within Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide To Self-Care, proper self care is defined and even in the busiest of times lends tools that can be used by any woman. Written using 'I am every woman' humor in a nuturing but firm tone, Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide To Self-Care,is what women have been waiting for.

Published by Fast Pencil Publishing. Digital and In print. ISBN-13: 978-1499903430 

For more information, to schedule interviews, book study and more visit 

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Be Your Family or Friends Keeper: Dealing With Mental Health

I have spoke on this particular subject once before (I Will End The Mental Illness Stigma) but it covered a broad range of mental illness and given resources for help. This time around I want to focus on a personal level. This time I want to give some helpful tips on how to help a person dealing with mental illness. The awesome organization NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) offers a free 12 session educational program designed for families, friends, or significant others to learn how to live with someone who suffers from mental illness. It helps those individuals improve the coping and problem-solving techniques when dealing directly with their affected loved one. To check out your local NAMI location just visit their website at

Many families deal with mental illness especially within the African-American community that they either choose not to address it or don't know the signs. What they dont realize is that your mental health ultimately affects your physical health. Studies have shown poor emotional health can weaken  your immune system (, which is why African-Americans lead when it comes to high blood pressure. So if you love someone who deals with mental illness help them, help you, help them...I'll explain. I have a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with bipolar, so whenever I know she is doing good, I worry less. When things are in a disarray I'm usually the anxious one and its usually her that calms me down. If she's ok I'm ok, see simple. Now every case may not be the same as ours, by all means we are not the best example of a best friend relationship, but even with the illness we make it work because we have both recognized and are treating our illness. Maybe you are not sure of the signs well here are a few:

1. Withdrawl-from family and no interest doing any activities
2. Nervousness- Constant suspiciousness of even those who are close to you, always feeling nervous.
3. Sleep and appetite changes- sleeping way more than usual or not getting any sleep at all. Either not eating enough or overeating.
4. Mood changes: When their emotions are to the extreme (extreme anger, extreme sadness etc)
5. Thoughts of suicide- If you or someone you know have had these thoughts or have attempted suicide there is help. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

I try to talk to my mom sometimes, and no lie its a challenge. I think its because she knows that mental illness is present with me she just doesn't know how to respond because dealing with someone with a mental illness is very very unpredictable. That is why I strongly encourage my readers to seek out every resource possible. Until then here are a few tips that I find helpful:

1. Let them talk- Sometimes all they want to know is that they have what is called a "safety spot". Where they come to someone and they know there will be no judgement, or will not get scolded. Do what you can to gain that person's trust.

2. Some things are going to sound repetitive: Be patient because a lot of things that people with anxiety deal with is worrying about the same thing until a solution is found, and then they begin to worry if the solution will work. Be reassuring with them and sometimes you may have to repeat yourself but it makes communication much easier. Just remain calm ad cool and your energy will pass along to those who are ill.

3. Don't remind them of their illness- You want to do whatever you can to avoid it, simply because they may not even be thinking about it. That is why its so important to spend time with the person with the illness, gaining trust. Do things that will distract them from focusing on their illness. Find a spot that gives them peace and serenity and go there often. Mine is the lake in Hermann Park in Houston,TX. Water soothes me and they also have the Japanese Garden which is so beautiful and peaceful, places like that.

4. Don't you change- You can be yourself around the person. You're close to them for a reason so dont treat them as if they have the illness, remember DO NOT remind them that they are ill. Remain positive and optimistic around them and this also helps eases the illness.

5. Congratulate them when they are doing well- Let them know that you see any changes that they have made. Remind them to always stay on their treatment or if they haven't started treatment encourage them to get help. Be available if they choose to go get treatment, no one wants to feel as if they are alone in getting help. Be open to any and all suggestions that the doctors or counselors may give and follow through.

Remember you can play a major part in helping a person with mental illness.

Peace And Blessings
Swagg P
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