Monday, September 25, 2017

Self-Care Isnt Feminism its Existentialism: Reclaiming My Time Press Release


(September 25, 2017)
WASHINGTON, DC- Poet and Author, Jeanette MsNightLyfe Ferrell in collaboration with Fast Pencil Publishing is releasing Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Gide to Self-Care on Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and on September 25, 2017.

We live in a time where being a woman is minimized to objects of hypersexualization and the symbol of misogyny. To be a woman of color in an era of heightened racism and disregard is in and of itself a political statement. It is in this time that as women must attend to the need of caring for self.

In Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide To Self-Care, the author addresses the hard topic of self-love and applying that love to the care of women, particularly women of color. Within Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide To Self-Care, proper self care is defined and even in the busiest of times lends tools that can be used by any woman. Written using 'I am every woman' humor in a nuturing but firm tone, Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide To Self-Care,is what women have been waiting for.

Published by Fast Pencil Publishing. Digital and In print. ISBN-13: 978-1499903430 

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