Monday, December 16, 2019

3 Women Authors You Absolutely Should Know!

It's officially that time of year where we find that we have a little time to rest, shop and do a whole bunch of other tasks all in the name of love, nostalgia, self-care and the like. The holiday season on one hand is often one associated with family, friends, food, reflection and overzealous spending. On the the other hand, some of us could care less about the the commercialism of the holiday season and want nothing more than to get it over with. Despite the feelings associated with the season most of us begin to look to and plan for the future. 

Goal setting, trips and books are just some of the not so guilty pleasures that we indulge in as we navigate into a new year. The new year is a time to recalibrate the plan to become our best selves. We make a concerted effort to continue on the path of healing generational trauma while developing and reworking sound financial goals. Some of us even go off on the deep end and take personal risks by creating something that comes from the deepest, darkest part of ourselves to share with the world. If you are one of those people, then there three authors that you should know! So before you peruse your favorite bookstore or online retailers for your next book, take a moment get to know these ladies and they will certainly help you navigate the paths that you have chosen or perhaps that have chosen you. 

Lilith Shakti
With over 15 years of studying Holistic Wellness, Lilith Shakti is a Holistic Therapist who takes an alchemist approach to live. As a holistically therapeutic authoress, she writes with the intent of empowering readers to heal and move forward in the endergy of self love. 

Highly regarded for offering betterment workshops, conferences, and retreats, potential readers are encouraged to take the time to purchase her workbook, Yoni Love or Lyrical Showers.  

Yoni Love  is a workbook written as a guide to offer assistance in creating a safe space to nurture self love by focusing on healing. 

Lyrical Showers is a culmination of sacred words that will allow the reader the ability to be simply lost in words. 

Melissa Monek is a native of Miami, Florida is an artist, writer, poet, and educator. As she continues her journey from her first published book, M.O.T.H(Matters of the Heart), she begins to depict an insight of her life through poetry. In this unique way, Melissa decided to put a twist on speaking her voice, using this platform to hopefully reach and inspire those who haven't yet found the courage to tell their story. She know how it feels to be in dark places with no one to turn to, to wear scars that no one can see, and to bear the pain of life with her head held high and a smile on her face. She is truly a testimony of her many tests. A conqueror, a fighter, a survivor are all the titles that Melissa wear as she continues to press forward on her own self healing journey. Everyday isn't a bad day but when they are, she holds on to God's unchanging hand and weather the storm. She defines herself as a Beautiful Disaster, a Diamond in the rough that will shine so brightly with everyone she meets. She is the author of Pieces of Me.

Pieces of Me Imagine falling apart, and it feels like life has just swallowed you whole. The only way to survive is for you to pull it together. No one sees your tears, no one hears your cries. You are drowning in sinking sand and then BOOM! God pulls you out of your mess and everything that tried to destroy and kill you; He turned into your new life. That’s what Pieces of Me is. It’s a journey through my life and the things I’ve overcome. We all have a story, and I hope mine helps someone in some way to at least begin to deal with the silent demons of their past. This book will take you on highs and lows and make you happy and sad. But the connection you can take away from it will surely touch you.

Jeanette MsNightLyfe Ferrell 
Jeanette MsNightLyfe Ferrell is an award winning, international poet, published columnist, author, activist, educator, and motivational speaker. MsNightLyfe has inspired audiences around the world with encouraging words, narrative changing workshops, and an unrelentless commitment to using the power of words to ignite change.

She has authored 3 books. What You Not Gon' Do: A Book of Say It Plain Notions and Poetry, published in July 2019 is MsNightLyfe's most recent publication. MsNightLyfe's first book, Velvet Truths, a book of poetry was published in 2013. Her second published work, Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide to Self-Care was released in 2016. She has been published in varous media outlets, to include Tagg Magazine and Swerv Magazine. Her poetic accolades includes international work with SpokenWord Paris in Paris, France and Vortex in London with Natalie Stewart (Floacist) of Floetry. MsNightLyfe was nominated the 2016 Spoken Word Artist of the year and the Erotic Poet of the year. She has also been crowned as the National Poetry Awards 2015 Erotic Poet of the Year. She is an associate producer and member of The Punany Poets, from HBO's Real Sex. 

What You Not Gon' Do: A Book of Say It Plain Notions and Poetry is a compilation of poems, encouraging quotes and gentle reminders that women don't seek permission. It says it plain...I don't need your permission to be Wild. Woman. Free, nor, am I asking.

Reclaiming My Time: A Practical Guide to Self-Care There is a tendency for women to pour themselves into everything and everyone but themselves. On the list of daily living self-care is often absent or at the very bottom of the list, and the time has presented itself for that to change. How does a woman of color put herself at the top of the To-do list?
The days of serving others without regard for self has begun to take its toll on even the strongest of women. Self-care is often put somewhere between sleeping and making breakfast for the kids in the morning. And while there is plenty of information available on how to care for everything from How to books on raising kids and increasing income, there seems to be a lack of information regarding self-care. How does a woman of color find the energy to care for herself when she selflessly gives herself to others in a society that does little to provide care for them?

Check out these amazing authors. Their works makes great stocking stuffers AND are perfect "go to books" no matter your reason for inquiry or purchase. 

"Buzzworthy Cravings, Creatively Satisfied!"

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