Sunday, August 4, 2019

Watch WHAT You Allow In Your Head: Wood Combs and Natural Hair

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If you ask any black woman about their hair care experience while growing up, the stories you are bound to hear will be seemingly one of pain and torture. From pressing combs to ponytail holders there isn't a shortage of the horror that came from a typical moment of hair combing. Some of those pain inducing treasures are sitting in our bathroom cabinets right now....I'm not talking about barettes are harsh chemicals, im talking about plastic combs. You just flashed back to a time it felt like you were being stabbed, scratched and violated by a plastic comb in your hair.

Plastic combs are known to dig into the scalp and if you have thick (high density), dry (low porosity) hair then you know how torturous plastic combs are to the scalp and how damaging they can be to your natural tresses. Plastic combs are easy to produce, economical and durable compared to other (earlier) combs, such as wooden combs. Convenience and mass production made plastic combs the primary tool for separating hair follicles.

Wooden combs, however, are absolute must-haves for natural, thick and curly hair. Sandalwood combs are perfect for maintaining and encouraging the growth of natural hair. Using a sandalwood comb in your crown has a few benefits you may want to make note of.

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Sandalwood combs don't produce static as often found in plastic/rubber based combs. This prevents hair breakage and helps detangle the hair. In addition the teeth of the comb massages the scalp as opposed to digging and scratching. This helps stimulate the scalp by increasing blood flow and encouraging nutrient deposits to the roots.The natural wooden fibers of the teeth of the comb helps condition the scalp distributing the natural oils from the roots down the hair to its ends. This helps minimze dandruff production. Using a wooden comb in your natural hair will give you that beautiful and healthy mane that you have been working so hard to maintain.

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