Monday, September 7, 2015

Don't Let Me Get Me

This week begins a very important week for many Americans, this week starts the National Suicide Prevention Week. The World Suicide Prevention Day is Tuesday September 10, however AAS (American Association of Suicidology) and several other organizations offers a week long of different events to really get the message out. There are over 200 classified forms of mental illness which often leads to suicide. Here are a few known facts about suicide:

                    1. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people..
                    2. There is 1 suicide for every 25 attempts
                    3. Suicide amongst males is 4 times higher than amongst females
                    4. Poisoning is the most common method of suicide by females
                    5. 1 in 100,00 children ages 10-14 die by suicide each year


I think that we as Americans have definitely progressed as far as offering outlets and starting different trends (NoRIP, STOMP Out Bullying, It Gets Better Project etc.), however there is plenty more work to be done. Victims of Cyber Bullying are 2 to 9% likely to commit suicide than those who do not access the internet. Many teens and even adults sometimes don't realize the signs, or know the signs but for different reason don't seek to get help. Some are frightened by just the thought of it, they hear the word "doctor" or "physiologist" and automatically think money and finance because the free sources aren't advertised enough. There is also the aspect of culture or religious reason in which someone doenst seek help. In Asia mental health is shunned and frowned upon. American Indians some recognize mental illness and some of them only recognize certain ones. I myself came from a very religious family in which you "pray it" away, what I didnt realize until I got older is that God placed those who help with mental illness for a reason. It was then where I started to seek help to now know that I have been diagnosed as a manic depressive as well as anxiety.

                                                   I cope with it day by day. I am currently on 2 different medications one is to maintain my depression and the other for anxiety purposes. A few of my family recognized the signs, but not many families are that fortunate, here are a few signs that you friend/loved one is struggling with a mental illness:

                                       1. Confused thinking
                                       2. Feelings of extreme highs and lows
                                       3. Social withdrawal
                                       4. Growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities
                                       5. Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits

                           Here is my advice as a person who currently sufferers :
                                      1. When someone asks whats wrong don't be afraid to share if they took a                                                    moment to ask you that means they care enough about you to help.
                                      2. Learn family history, you never know who you will be able to reach out to                                             just within your family.
                                     3.  Nothing is wrong about getting treatment for your mental illness don't let                                               anyone shame you to feel otherwise.
                                     4.  Google different free resources that will help with your mental illness they                                            are out there safe and confidential
                                     5.  You are not alone

For those who may be interested I will be participating in the 2015 Walk For Mental Heath Houston taking place October 10 sign up on site for 6:30 am the walk starts at 8am feel free to join my team I am looking for active participants as well as donations

Join team We Kare as we help end the stigma of Mental Illness.

Peace and Blessings
Swagg P

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