Sunday, July 19, 2015

Who Is There To Protect Us?

I'm so emotional right now. There is a feeling of anger, of fear, of sadness, because the body count for our black lives are growing at a rapid pace. Yet again here is footage of yet another arrest using unecssary force and improper detainment of a young African-American woman Sandra Bland, 28, a 2009 graduate of the HBCU PrairieView A&M University that was pulled over for failure to signal. No there were no drugs found, wasn't driving erratically nothing that should have cause her to be detained in the way that she was. Watch below (YouTube):

This young lady was there at her alma mater to interview for a position in Student Outreach which she was scheduled to start on Wednesday. Notice how the officer instructs the bystander recording that he needs to leave as her cries are ignored. You can hear her stating "You slammed my head into the ground" and asked "Do you even care about that?", yet nothing changed the officer continued to place his weight (if you notice this office has to be at least twice the young lady size). Saturday afternoon she contacted her sister Shante Needham to let her know that she had been arrested but was unaware of why. She then began to tell her sister how the officer placed his knee on her back and thought that her arm was broken. Her sister told her that she would everything she could to get her out, only to get the news that her sister committed suicide. The autopsy resulted in death by asphyxiation by using a plastic bag to hang herself from her cell. They have no video footage of what went on in her cell. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards clearly states that jailers should check on inmates once every hour, no one checked on Bland until a hour and a half later and that was by intercom. This same jail in Waller County was cited 3 years ago for improperly monitoring prisoners when a man hung himself with a bed sheet in 2012 My question is: when are those who are called law enforcers see consequences for their action. I do know that there is Internal Affairs but where are they? Where are they to look at this and say this was wrong? Can we now in America ESPECIALLY BLACK America can we really say that the law is on our side. The thing that angered me the most was no one seems to have certain answers and this young lady family as well as the world needs answers. When the coroner was interview every answer was "I believe" "I'm guessing" nothing certain. The media then quickly bring in her past with dealing with depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) of course to try to give you every reason why this young lady ended up dead but the truth, but when will the truth be reveled, better yet when are we as a community DEMAND the truth instead of sitting on our hands and waiting on it. When will we as a community wake up, and I say community because at the end of the day we are ALL a target. They don't just find different African Americans to kill, they flip a coin or set a quota on how many black lives can be taken by the end of the month. So n any given day at any given time that coin toss can be for you. When we will realize that this could happen to your family member or yourself? What will it take before we can all stop looking out for self and realize that we are in an unspoken war with the majority of the United States? We are quick to come up with a trendy hashtag but that's all. When are we going to learn to do the work...there is work to be done and voices to be heard and it starts as early as a young child at home. Take the time to not only learn history (because it always seems to repeat itself) but teach our kids not to sit back and let it happen because "they dont pay attention to us" STOP PLANTING DEFEAT in our kids and in ourselves. We as a black community must stop being defeated and start speaking out the majority cant stop us all. Make sure you sign and share this petition:

Let us no longer sit in silence please. To close this out I want to share this beautiful sister last 2 videos. I want you to listen and take the actions needed to pick up the fight where she left off.

April 8, 2015

Last video:

Peace and Blessings
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