Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Father's Wish

In honor of Father's Day I would like to start off by saying Happy Father's Day without you we would not be here...literary lol.  I love to see a male with just him and his child, especially little girls. The way they light up the utter pure ultimate blissful zone that he is in can not be put in to words. A daughter/father relationship is something so valuable because the father is the first love that she will ever have. That father sets the tone to young lady future including her mate. What that little girl saw when she was younger will set the example of how love is shown to her. Although not 100% proven to be true there are a large diverse group of women who will honestly say they married someone with the same qualities as their father. As a father to possibly offer one of many forms of how your daughter future is determined seems like a heavy load overwhelming to say the least, however those milestone moments such as first step, first day of school, first date, first award received those moments are what makes it all worthwhile in the end. The same happiness and joy you brought to her will be the same amount if not more that she will expect for the person she spends the rest of her life with. Unfortunately "24 million children live in biological father-absent homes -- in the United States alone." Here are some statistics:

So because I myself at 32 years of age now are really getting to the depth of my relationship with my father this is coming from a survivor yes survivor of the "Daddy Issues" saga that I let confuse me while making certain choices in life finally feel in a comfortable place with our current relationship. Would I love more time sure but just the elevation  of our communication is definitely better because he seems more accessible now, not so scary now versus when I was younger but more of a father than the big bad wolf (younger he was often called when I was in trouble my parents divorced when I was much younger). I enjoy our occasional lunches and pop ups because his job is literately 5 mins away from my home just to come spend his breaks with me. Its kinda like the saying "It aint perfect but its worth it" I truly get that now with me and my pops, it will never be perfect because no one is perfect, but its definitely a worthy experience. So I wrote a piece that I kind of view as an open letter feeling, and with that enjoy your Father's Day earthly and heavenly.

From the moment you opened your eyes and looked
It was then that my heart and soul got took 
From your first smile the first grip of your hand
It was right then I knew I had to become a better man
So I then put on my best dressed and went out into the world
Because it was then that I realized I have to go out and bring her back the world.
Not because someone made me and it was not done out of legal obligation 
It was because of my faith in God to know that he may have blessed me 
With a future lawyer CEO or the next superstar sensation

So while its just me and you alone, hopefully one of our million DDD's (Daddy Daughter Days) I want to let you know these things that I say are as good and a rare as written in ancient stone:

No one will love you more than your fathers (heavenly and earthly) but you should seek the one that tries to love you more and make them your husband.

He should tell you your beautiful and remind you of how much of a blessing you are to them as much as I do times 2

Teach you not to fully depend on anyone including myself because even I am only human depend only on your heavenly father and don't let anyone tell you otherwise not even me.

To always be the back up from the first fall while learning how to walk until the last tear you shed I will always be there to try my best to make it ok and wipe your tears through it all.

This is me starting from day 1
For the coming up and down of the same sun
I will not never stop striving to become the best father ever
Starting from today until my last day on earth is done.


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