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Sweet Tooth Media: Official Media Partner of Pure Heat Atlanta Pride 2012

San Francisco will always be known as the Grandfather of Pride celebrations across the nation. Names such as Harvey Milk and groups such as Dykes on Bikes have become synonymous attachments with all things San Francisco. However, deep in the back woods of the South, LGBTQ celebrations have taken an identity of their own. Atlanta, GA has become known as the Mecca for African Americans and the LGBTQ population. Holding such accolades, the city has committed to showing up and showing out in each and every endeavor. It has been said that Atlanta is the Black Hollywood, and with that in mind everything that is done in the city is done over the top. Pure Heat ATL Pride is certainly no different!!! This year marks the 25th year of Black Pride celebrations in ATL. Bringing in over 100,000 guests, spectators and natives, Pure Heat has committed to being a source and example of Pride and Progress. Ranging from seminars, star worthy celesbians and boy toys, Pure Heat has planned a plethora of events that will keep all in attendance busier than they probably desire to be.

Take a look at these Buzzworthy Pride events. Definitely something you DON'T want to MISS!

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Save the Drama For Your Mama: An exclusive Interview with VH1's Mama Drama Cast Members: Ashley and Sharon

Reality television has become a household name. And while there are mixed emotions about the content of these reality shows, the fact remains that the world tunes in. The entertainment of someone else's drama feed the entertainment fetish for many. I must admit, I am guilty of indulging and at times living vicariously through that drama presented on television. Fortunately, I don't have time to engage drama and the queens that deliver it, however, I do get my dose. Every major network from Bravo and Logo to BET and VH1 each offers their version of drama filled entertainment. VH1 has recently launched Mama Drama, a show that chronicles the relationships of mother and daughter duos. Including its dose of raunchy, and sometimes less than desirable content, the show no doubt has its critics. While, I'm not a fan of the show, I am a fan of women, reaching for their dreams... in this case, this Mama Drama Duo, Ashley and Sharon, are reaching by any means necessary and seem to be enjoying the climb.

Sweet Tooth Media was extended an opportunity to chat with the ladies of Mama Drama. As Ashley and Sharon, strolled in Houston's Galleria area Grand Lux Cafe, the place lit up with Spunk and Gorgeousness. Sharon, who is known as the Feisty Free Spirit, sits down and orders an apple martini and sends the waiter on his way, but not before she asks him, "You're a handsome youngster, Where is your father?" The waiter nervously walks away, as she sits with a look of conquest on her face. Ashley, then remembers that he didn't take her order, and she summons him back to the table. After ordering her extra strong Pina Colada, the waiter, then says "I Knowwww You!" After some reminiscing, it was determined that he and Ashley went to Lamar University together, down in Beaumont, TX. Ashley and Sharon are both college graduates with degrees in Human Resources. Sharon, states that it was the utmost importance that Ashley earned her college degree and that she catered to her needs to ensure that she reached her goal.  Sharon believes that when a parent caters to a child's needs that its a sign of a good parent.

Describing their relationship as very close, both Ashley and Sharon consider themselves as best friends. Ashley was an only child and growing up it was just she and Sharon. Sharon divorced Ashley's dad really early, so Ashley states that there is no real relationship with him. Ashley smiles, as she remembers that growing up, Sharon was a traditional "black mother" and that relationship really grew after Ashley graduated high school. She says, "My mom was Real, and she kept it Real with me at all times. I wasn't allowed to bring home C's and I was scared into refraining from sex, until, I was 17 years old...." Its almost as if they finished each others sentences when talking, and erupting in laughter at the "Same Damn Time" when funny things were disclosed. When asked how did they end up on Mama Drama, Sharon states that Ashley was sought out because of her friends and past appearance on the Bad Girls Club Season 5 on Twitter and the rest is history.

Get your Tea Cups ready, because the Tea Pot is hot! So, of course I had to find out about being actual Cast Members on Mama Drama and get the tea on living with the ladies in the Las Vegas Palms Casino Pent House. The ladies stated that difficult is understating what it was like living in a different home, with nine other people. With Ashley and Sharon, there was a total of 11 people living in a 2-roomed pent house....I was giving you time to process that living arrangement. Sharon states that the women thought of her as a "Push-over" because her dialect is proper, and she enunciates her words. Oh, but being a clean freak in a house full of what seemed to be normally messy women, showed them differently. Sharon, says that she cleans the shower twice a day because the some of the women REALLY are nasty and keep their areas unkempt. She gives an account in which one of the other moms, wears diapers, (even though she doesn't suffer from incontinence), and at night she takes her diaper off and throws it on the side of the bed. She states, "I thought I would have died if I walked on ONE MORE, pissy ass diaper..."Sharon also discloses that this same mother and her daughter go days without bathing. Ashley pipes in, stating that the daughter went a total of four days without a bathe....o_0! We wont even get into the discussion of unkempt vaginas, but I will utter two words: Blue Waffles.
Our conversation moves into Sharon's lack of commitment, who states proudly, "I Like My Freedom". Having been proposed to four or five times (Ashley says that its 5, but Sharon cant recall the 5th person- talk about Play on Playette), Sharon doesn't planning on marrying anytime soon. Ashley says, "When I graduated, my mom celebrated with me and she has never stopped." When asked about her own dating life, Ashley says that I'm dating and its open. When asked about the rumor on Media TakeOut of an alleged Love affair with San Antonio Spurs' DeJuan Blair, Ashley states that they are friends that ran into each other one night at a Houston night club and was photographed together. She says, "We are not dating, and I did not move in with him." So there you have it from the source herself. We all have to stay tuned to see if there are any revelations into Ashley's world of dating. Yet there it has been revealed that there are a plethora of racist-like behavior in the home. I cant help but mention the racial overtones on the show and indulge the ladies in a discussion about it. They both state that there are a ton of racial issues on the show. The obvious segregation on the first episode gives us only a peek into what occurs in the house. Ashley, states that the "Al Sharpton" comment made by Debbie, damned near incited a race war in the home. Both ladies, Ashley and Sharon go on to say that they eventually left it alone, but, the fact still remains, Race is an issue EVERYWHERE.

Mama Drama of course has its share of critics. When asked what type of feed back is received for being a cast member on the show, Sharon states that she receives most of the negative feedback because, viewers feel that she should be a better role model to Ashley. Sharon's response to that is, "if raising a college graduate, is a bad role model, I'll be one. My daughter is an adult, and so am I...So therefore, I do adult shit, I have been a role model to my child, and I encourage the parents that view the show, to be their child's role models as well. I certainly can agree with that notion, in the day and age where its best to blame others, for personal shortcomings... Mama Drama to date is one of the highest rating shows on television. The first two episodes reached 626,000 and 721,000 respectively, beating out Big Ang and Glee. There are no commercials shown during the airing of Mama Drama and the show is being produced by 495 Productions, the producers of Jersey Shore.

Besides Mama Drama, Ashley and Sharon both have business endeavors. Ashley just sold a lounge that she owned in Midtown Houston and plans on further her entrepreneur experience. Sharon, is has begun a Personal Matchmaking Service. Both ladies are in talks with other proposals by way of ATL. The interview with these ladies concludes with Sharon saying, I live my life happy and I have fun doing it. I suggest that people shouldn't do something that they will apologize for later..." In unison, she and Ashley both said, "We Do things we mean and will stay true to who we are!" The ladies have some upcoming projects in the works. Sharon has just taken a lead in a Play; while Ashley is preparing to star in an independent film.

Stay Tuned to more from Ashley and Sharon in the next issue of The S.W.E.E.T.® 

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Why Do You Care About My Hair? Real Talk, Black Reflection: Gabby Douglas Commentary

Who are you attracted to? I am in love with the tall, dark and handsome type. The most important descriptor being 'dark'! There's something that drives me insane about sun-kissed skin. Truth is I'm partial to the dark skin of others because of the love I have for my own dark skin. Now that's nothing against my light-skinned counterparts, I'm just saying I have an admiration for my skins pigment. It seems however, that this self love is hindered by self hate in our community. By now the world knows Gabby Douglas as the history making First African American woman to win the Olympic All Around Gold Medal. This young woman inspired more than a nation as her mother told her she could competing in a predominantly white sport...yet, at the height of her herstory book making success, others seem to be more concerned with her hair. I guess for some hair is more important than herstory.

Malcolm X said, 'the worst thing racism did was make us hate ourselves.'  Two forms of slavery exist: physical and mental. Enslaved African Americans were subjected to both, but mental enslavement is the ULTIMATE worst—and one they were NEVER freed from. This fact should NOT be taken lightly. The mind of the enslaved African American was tinkered and toyed with, corrosively manipulated, abused and misused.  One of the greatest powers in the world is the power to define reality and make others accept it, even when it’s to their disadvantage.  This is what has happened to the Black African American race. Despite peonage ending in 1948, on the brink of the civil rights movement, Black America continued to struggle with their identity, not without compromising who they really are to become who and what they perceive as better than what stares back at them in the mirror. From socioeconomic status, skin color, and, which neighborhood their home was in to hair type African Americans begun to define who and what they were based on things they had, as opposed to their actions. 

 In the 1960s, when African Americans were implored to be proud of their dark skin and natural hair, black women sported afros — short and sassy or big and billowy. Since the 1990s, young African Americans have rocked dreadlocks and braids, which are particularly popular among artists. Straightened hair, however, has never gone out of style and continues to draw criticism from those who say it is an attempt by black people to mimic the texture of white women’s hair. But for many black women, straight, perfectly styled hair is a shield against a society that doesn’t appreciate afro-centric features. Black women’s obsession with straight hair and weaves was the subject of the much-talked-about 2009 documentary “Good Hair” by comedian Chris Rock.  The commentary on Gabby's hair shows the preoccupation with creating the picture that we like ourselves, when many of us don't! This outburst of ignorance begin on social media, which has opened pandoras box showing the damage and pain that continues to keep us in the chains of enslavement. For something as simple and petty as hair in the prime of a history making event, shows that the crabs in the bucket are snapping harder and pulling tighter than ever. This same type of mentality exists in our day to day lives. People dislike, slander and find enjoyment in the pain of others simply because they haven't yet learned to love themselves. When you love yourself, you love the accomplishments that others who look like you make. I think it's time we as a people heal, and begin to love self. 



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