Thursday, January 5, 2012

Houston, TX- No Heart, No Hustle Mixtape: Released December 25, 2011 Featuring the Magnificent, Yung Crusay

Its Christmas Day, midnight and all of the little children are tucked away in their beds waiting for Santa's arrival. Parents are up staging the house, adding finishing touches to perfect gifts and tasty trimmings. I, on the other hand, am eagerly waiting for the rest of the world to hear, the realest sounds of hip-hop music since the days of Biggie and Pac. I had the chance to take a sneak peak of  the No Heart, No Hustle Mixtape by Dirty Bizness Ent.'s own Yung Crusay. Released at midnight on December 25, 2011 No Heart, No Hustle, is exactly what radio airwaves need. Surely you all know that you wont find the year's important or greatest hip-hop releases in any store. Such greatness can't be shelved....!!!!! 

No Heart, No Hustle is by far the best mixtape that I've heard in quite sometime and lets just say as a blogger, I get hundreds of mixtape links a day from various artists. No disrespect is intended for anyone, but unless it makes me move from beginning to end, its not worth mentioning. I happened to listen to this mixtape during my work out, which was perfectly timed by the way. No Heart, No Hustle was 45 minutes of a phenomenal compilation of production, hooks, and lyrics. Songs like Watch Yo Chick and Gangs All Hear, are most definitely club bangers with their anthem like beats, commands you to indulge lyrically and bounce your head. True to its mixtape title; No Heart, No Hustle, Gettin It, pays homage to all the hustlers, focused on making it happen. No Heart, No Hustle has a plethora of transitions, genre mixtures and old school connotations. Before, I knew that mixtapes were necessary to show the public what the artist is capable of. However; No Heart, No Hustle full of artistry and diversity, brings us into the raw world of Yung Crusay turning everyone that hears it into permanent fans. I personally don't know how anyone could hear this album and not LOVE IT! To download No Heart, No Hustle visit  

Now is virtually rude to discuss such greatness, without mentioning the creator, Yung Crusay. Yung Crusay is the CEO/Founder of Dirty Biz Entertainment and DGMG. She was born and in Huntsville, TX where she was raised by her mother. With background in Port Arthur, the rapper, writer, producer, and actress started creating her resume at the age of 5 when she begin acting. By 7th grade the budding star had begun to write lyrics. In 10th grade is when she added to her list of accomplishments, the title: rapper. Wanting to be the jack of many trades, Yung Crusay begin producing in 11th grade. While most teens are having identity crisis during these years, Yung Crusay took control and begin writing her own destiny. In 2002, Yung Crusay moved to Houston and decided to pursue her music career shortly after. From there she started TL Productions in 2004, Dirty Bizness Ent. in 2007. In May 2009 Yung Crusay released her 1st mixtape entitled, The Love Chronicles Pt. 1. DGMG  which is a part of Dirty Bizness Entertainment, is a recent creation (2010) in which she is watching its growth. She appeared in her first film: Desire, Hostility, Delusion, released in June 2011. You can follow this Dirty Biz Boss on Twitter @Yung_Crusay. To read more about Yung Crusay, the DGMG models and Dirty Bizness Ent. Visit 

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  1. MsNightlyfe, somebody needs to blog the blogger, because you are awesome at what you do! I had a chance to check out Yung Crusay music before the release of her cd myself and I was bobbing my head to every track I listened to. The words she spit are ridiculously mind blowing. Once again thank you for acknowledging another great person in the community. SweetToothMedia is the spot for a DAMN GOOD READ!!!