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Pure Royalty: TaKeya "R&B Princess of Houston" Rogers

I have had the privilege of meeting an array of people. Many of them nice and then some that were not so nice. When you experience the highs and lows of any industry, coming across good people is well, refreshing. Today, I come to you to share my experience with a remarkable young woman, Ms. TaKeya Rogers, the R&B Princess of Houston! I have been following TaKeya since June of 2010, after hearing one of her songs on Reverbnation. The song, Caught Up, has been a personal favorite since I first heard it. Her voice is sultry, its deep and rich tone will lull you off to sleep, or where ever your heart and mind desires to go. It became my mission to learn more about this young lady, known as the R&B Princess of Houston. That mission was fulfilled after doing research and landing an interview with the talented songtress.

TaKeya, presents as a very humble, spiritual, and positive person. Her tweets and Facebook posts are more than inspiring, they send messages of love, encouragement and prosperity. As with any young woman, there are also those posts offering 'sister girl' advice for those that may be down on their luck or experiencing hardship with their mate. Whatever the reason is, TaKeya extends encouraging words. These are the same factors that influence her music. A solo recording artist, TaKeya Rogers, allows music to speak to her in many ways, as a result of this she is able to deliver a beautiful voice and powerful messages. Ms. Rogers allows the messages to be the force behind her pen, writing her own songs, gives her the freedom to express and create without limitations. As a song writer, she also is looking to collaborate with other song writers. Not only is she a song writer, she takes pride in being a role model and as such believes that its important for people, especially young girls to chase their dreams rather than follow them.

When listening to TaKeya, you cant help but think of Toni Braxton, Anita Baker and other award winning songtresses with deep, intoxicating voices. Having being placed in the same league as these stars, TaKeya, feels that it is an honor but is pleased with having a unique sound. Musically influenced by Whitney Houston, confirms that some artists just can't be compared. Just as any other human being TaKeya isn't exempt from trials and tribulations, but what she does is take that energy and reconvert it into her music. Not only does she take her personal experiences, but she incorporates her fans experiences as well. She says her fans are her motivation and she really does read fan mail. One piece of advise that she offers anyone amidst a struggle is to seek God first as He is her source of peace.

TaKeya became interested in the arts in high school where she was enrolled in theatre production and this early honing, helped land Ms. Rogers an apperance in the Muhammad Ali film, starring Will Smith. Not only did this instruction assist her but an inspiring performance by Whitney Houston, singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, ignited the fire to take her craft further. From there she begin participating in talent shows and making a name for herself. She decided to create her legacy, but with help of course. In following TaKeya for sometime, I notice that she is a very spiritual person and undoubtedly has a relationship with God. She stated that she keeps God first and everytime she steps on stage he's there with her. TaKeya is spiritually driven, eventually aspires to create a Hip-Hop album. TaKeya's mother, (Ms. Linda), has been her source of strength as well. God has blessed her with a supportive mother, who believed in her in spite of. Sweet Tooth Media exists to support and highlighting these sustenation stations is undeniable and everlasting critical. The R&B Princess is also supported by her fans from MySpace, and the social media followers such as Twitter and Facebook, and it means the world to know that they support her grind. She also shouts out @13BeatKing, her producer, as he holds her down musically.

Currently The R&B Princess is working on her solo R&B album, subtitled R&B Princess. She states that this album is one that she hopes to penetrate all markets. Her target audience are the 30 somethings, and songs that the young can relate to. She says this is due in part to her having an old soul. During the interview, we shared a moment when discussing how our maternal structures have influenced the old soul, and mature mentality. TaKeya says that she was raised around lots of wisdom. We had to laugh when she remembered that someone asked Beyonce the same question. When TaKeya R&B Princess Rogers creates she has to have God, Focus and Determination otherwise her mind is clogged up and she develops writers' block. Usually, to cope with such, she asks for strength, guidance of her words. Its imperative for an artist to prepare before going to the studio and that is what she does. According to the songtress, ..."there is no such thing as being too prepared". Well you can here how prepared to mesmerize the world, this shining star is. You can find TaKeya's latest single and more at: 
 The interview was concluded with the R&B Princess saying that one should always keep God First, be true to self and get YOU where YOU need to be, be strong, and if anything is uncomfortable, DON'T DO IT!!.
It was truly a pleasure to speak with this Diva and I am proud to share her talents. We are capable of conquering the world, and if by chance we don't we damn sure can leave one hell of an impression. Check out a clip of the recorded phone interview with TaKeya R&B Princess of Houston Rogers.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Sweet Tooth Media Exclusive: On the Set with Damon Dizzle: Video Shoot of I Eat...

Damon Dizzle, a young man, is full of energy and enthusiasm about his craft. His latest song, "I Eat..." is blazing the clubs. So quite naturally it took a little doing, I was able to catch up with this very busy guy on the set of his video shoot for the "I Eat Pu$$y" video. This man is so animated and dedicated that I could only attempt to describe what I witnessed. So I won't even waste your time or mine. Im going to let you check out what he had to say:

1. Who is Damon Dizzle?
DD: "Damon Dizzle was born in Louisiana, raised in Houston. I grew up on the SouthWest side of Houston and graduated from Hastings Charter School. Growing up, I learned that its important to remain true to who you are and to just be real, and that is who Damon Dizzle is, a Real Nigga."

2. How did it all start for you?
DD: "I would like to say I've been rapping all my life, but begin to take it seriously back in 1996."

3. 'I Eat Pussy' is one of the songs you are pushing, What was the inspiration behind that song and title?
DD: "I'm a freaky muthaf***a, that turns straight girls gay, and bring gay girls"

4. Did you think it would become a popular song in the Lesbian community? How do you feel about the support they give you?
DD: "I hoped that it would become a popular song, and it has, Lesbians are my main supporters. I don't discriminate at all."

5. What are some collaborations that you have done or plan to do?
DD: "I've worked with King Coby, Boss Hogg Outlaws, DJ Chose, BeatKings, 50Fifty Twins, Dallas Swag and Fat Pimp."

6. Have you gone on tour? When do you plan on going?
DD: "I have toured with Z-Ro and Lil Flip. I am willing to tour where ever I am booked."

7. What is your next project?
DD: "My next project is TLS, Streets to Freaks. There are 1000 ways to get money and I am planning to use all of them."

8. What do you plan to do if and when you catch hell about the title and lyrics of your song?
DD: "I have already caught criticism about this song and probably will catch it because of many others. I dont care about criticism, I am the first to do it, and that along makes me a trendsetter"

9. Where can people find your music?
DD: "Google Me, and then look for me at the Swat Shop,,, Best Buy, and Itunes. Im anywhere, you want me to be."

10. You are so open and accessible to your fans and followers, why is this important to your career?
DD: "I'm a real nigga, and regardless to my fame, Im going to pack shows, and its because Im so accessible. You can see me in the street and come up and holla at me, Im not Hollywood and after we talk and kick it, Im going to sell you a CD."

Well folks, that concludes this interview. This is a Sweet Tooth Media Exclusive!

SweetToothMedia Video Footage on the Set of Damon Dizzle Video Shoot: Ft. Damon Dizzle with appearances from QMane!

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Dirty Girls Modeling Group: Aspirations for More

"Ladies and Gentleman, may I have your attention please? I am requesting your undivided attention because I am in the business of saving relationships and building marriages. So id rather request your attention, instead of having these ladies command your attention, and getting you slapped! I'd like to formally introduce to you all, the Lovely Ladies of Dirty Girl Modeling Group, which is a part of Dirty Bizness Entertainment." Dirty Girl Modeling Group also known as DGMG is a group of young lesbian women, set out to boost and inspire young women new on the scene and to let the world know that there are beautiful positive women in our communities. These young women are full of life and enthusiasm and I had the pleasure of seeing all they had to offer on the video set of Damon Dizzle. Each lady had brought their own element and personality and I certainly understand why CEO/Founder Yung Crusay, has them on her team. The ladies each exuded a free spirit, totally aware and intuned the task at hand: Being Video Models on the set of the "I Eat....." video. Meet each one of these ladies as you will certainly see them around for time to come.

'Lady Lust'
Born and raised in Garland, TX she began dancing at North Garland HS. Graduating at the tender age of 16, she moved to Houston after being accepted into the University of Houston in 2008. She currently teaches at a private school and attends HCC in the evenings; pursuing her degree in Sociology. The lady spends her spare time relaxing, shopping, dancing, and traveling. She has a very bubbly personality and enjoys laughing! The newest model with DGMG, Lady Lust is taking modeling by the horns. Being a proud Go-Getter, and free spirit, Lady Lust finds it important to remain an individual in this type of business. She remains focused by remembering that she is following her dreams. Lady Lust is certainly a Dirty Girl, interested in being a SpokesModel. In doing so, she is proud to admit that she is not a Label girl, but rathers Boutique shopping, choosing Different instead of Designer. Get to know this Dirty Girl on twitter, @LadyyLUST

'Too Chewy'
Nathalyn (Too Chewy) grew up as an up-coming track star and all around athlete. Nathalyn was raised in an area where the kids were underestimated, but she slipped through the cracks by graduating high school and not having kids by the age of 18. Chewy doesn't see life like the Huxtables, and is perfectly ok with realizing that college isn't for everyone and neither is a 9-5. She started danceing (YES on the pole) where she got the idea from here mother who also told here she would be the perfect face and frame for music videos, commercials & modeling. Nathalyn is very sophisticated and direct. Her favorite designer brand is anything Hello Kitty! When speaking about the hustle of modeling, she feels that if its out there and she wants it, she's going to get it. She desires to do more commercial modeling in her career. Too Chewy believes that entering the modeling business its important to not sell your soul for the money and to have fun in anything that YOU decide to do. She states, "Nothing is for free, thats for have to decide when to be the buyer and when to be the seller, NEVER, be the good." Nathalyn is a really outgoing person with an open mind frame and demeanor, but her heart is so pretty. Follow this Dirty Girl on Twitter @TooFucknChewy

'Luckiie Marie'
Luckiie Marie is a New Orleans Native and takes pride in being loud, and out spoken. She believes that is necessary in this industry as speaking your mind is critical to staying afloat. Luckiie Marie loves to have a good time. She is mindful of the importance of being a lady at all times. However, she certainly knows how to get work done. Some would consider Luckiie aggressive, but she disagrees and says "Im a Go-Getta, motivated by money and good times...if someone interrupts the flow of these principles, then its necessary to SPEAK OUT LOUD! Not only is Luckiie outspoken, she is very outgoing and takes her craft seriously. Her favorite designer brand is Coogi and in this industry if there is anything she wants, she goes to get it! Her ultimate goal is Hi-Fashion and runway modeling. For young women entering this industry, she advises never accept the word NO! Great advice from the DGMG veteran.

Yung Crusay
Yung Crusay is the CEO/Founder of Dirty Biz Entertainment and DGMG. She was born and in Huntsville, TX where she was raised by her mother. With background in Port Arthur, the rapper, writer, producer,  and actress started creating her resume at the age of 5 when she begin acting. By 7th grade the budding star had begun to write lyrics. In 10th grade is when she added to her list of accomphishments, the title: rapper. Wanting to be the jack of many trades, Yung Crusay begin producing in 11th grade. While most teens are having identity crisis during these years, Yung Crusay took control and begin writing her own destiny. In 2002, Yung Crusay moved to Houston and decided to pursue her music career shortly after. From there she started TL Productions in 2004, Dirty Bizness Ent. in 2007. In May 2009 Yung Crusay released her 1st mixtape entitled, The Love Chronicles Pt. 1. DGMG  which is a part of Dirty Bizness Entertainment, is a recent creation (2010) in which she is watching its growth. Currently, Yung Crusay is working on a new mixtape, which she plans to release later this year.  She appears in her first film: Desire, Hostility, Delusion, which is scheduled to be released in June 2011. You can follow this Dirty Biz Boss on Twitter @Yung_Crusay .

Video Footage of the Ladies of DGMG in action: Live on the Set of Damon Dizzle's Video Shoot- "I Eat..."
Look for more of these lovely ladies during HerHoustonSplash May 2011!

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Independent Woman: Traveling the U.S of A! First Stop HOTLanta

Hello World! I come today to share with you a goal I plan to achieve before I leave this earth and that is: TRAVEL! I love to get-a-way, it doesn't matter where or even how, as long as I get there! There, is where ever I choose to go. Aside from being able to navigate on my own free will, I like to see what the hype is about and to ensure that my cultural roots are thoroughly soaked. I made this an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Woman themed mission because, all to often, we as the nurtures of this world forget to take care of ourselves, simply because we can and should. It doesn't have to always be 'for a reason' that we travel. We too have to see the world and experience what fuels our televisions and radios. I choose to travel this country FIRST, because its where I live, its where I spend my money, its where my child will raise his children. While I have traveled internationally, there are only a few places outside of this country that I want to see. You can call it simply living, in my comfort zone. I plan to see the other places where there is white sands, turquoise and diamond blue waters. The places with rich food, leaning towers, and religious beginnings, I will get there too. As of right now, I want to know whats right here on my own turf! This place is my canvas and I'm painting the picture!

Atlanta, the first stop on the map! I choose ATL because of its promise of growth and prosperity for the African American Community. Its notoriety of being the Gay and Lesbian Mecca. For being the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, the nurturing city of such talented entertainers such as Xscape, Usher, T.I., Jermaine Dupree, and who can forget the Atlanta Housewives. I wanted to visit the restaurants, such as Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles. I wanted to hit up Lenox Mall and TAGS Boutique. Most of these things I did and I am going to give you all the details, what was liked or just over hyped. So, I arrive at the airport and was immediately hailed a cab. It was cold and rainy! The driver was rather friendly, and seemed to be concerned with our safety. He told us, that African guys will stake out the luggage claim area, offer to provide 'Car/taxi service' and then take you away from the airport and rape you! I was like OMG! Really, Mr. Cab driver. He tried to soften the warning, with dry humor that he enjoyed wayyy more than I did. It was funnier laughing at how hard he was laughing at himself. After scaring me silly within the first 10 minutes of my trip, we arrived to the Melia in Buckhead. When we arrived there was a party going on being given by some big promoter from New York. It was called First Fridays Atlanta. I mean the place was crazy packed, however, check in went rather smoothly. The staff was extremely friendly and customer service was great! We stayed on the 17th floor and the room had a balcony. It was a wonderful view of the city. We decided since it was so late, we should just change and enjoy the party right there in the hotel. The bar area was twice as loaded by the time we made it down. Music pumping and the crowd, well they were well dressed young professionals. I was impressed with the effort put into stepping out for a night on the time. The were a few fashion forward trendsetters in the crowd but there were more fashion No-No's! After a few drinks we visited a diner around the corner and called it a night.

*Singing: Its Morrrnnninng...* We wake up super early, because we decide that it costs to much to take a cab. We spent $60 for 3 trips totaling 20 minutes and 15 miles. We rented a car for less than $40, and we were able to move around the city and surrounding cities on a full tank of gas and the freedom to go where we wanted. Did I mention that it was cold and rainy. It was cold and rainy, y'all what was a sister to do? Our first stop on the rental car train ride, was Gladys Knight and Ron Winans' Chicken and Waffles. We waited 10 minutes outside in the cold and rain, and then had to wait another 5 minutes to be seated. The restaurant was adorned with photos of its celebrity patrons and supporters, replicas of Ms. Knights' many awards, framed news paper clippings etc. Mellow, old and new school, neo soul, R and B filled the speakers. Making the quaint and cozy spot feel like home as we waited for our food. The menu offered several brunch options, along with breakfast and lunch items. I ordered Catfish and Grits, and eggs. I was expecting this earth shattering explosion of taste to accompany the environment I was in and the mood I was feeling. I got anything but. The food was rather bland and the fish, tasted....well fishy! The grits were like any others I've tasted. The raisin toast gave it a new flavor that I'd never had, but there was nothing amazing about the food. So that tainted the whole experience. That's all I gotta say about that!

Nothing like a little shopping to get things back on track! Next Stop: The historical Lenox Square Mall. I didn't know what to expect from this place, but I didn't get anything special...except: meeting a beautiful human. Saniyyah Griffin, General Manager of Carol's Daughter. Just walking, by, I decided to stop and look around, see exactly what the store had to offer. I love that its a store dedicated to natural beauty, hair and skin care for women of color. Ms. Griffin, came over to us and immediately begin talking to us. My car club sister was taking pictures and Ms. Griffin wanted to know why. My sister explained to her that we are just traveling for state to state, city to city, chroncling life and culture in other cities. She asked where we were from and we sang in unisom, Houston. She shared with me that Carol's Daughter would be opening a store soon here in Houston and there are some things I may want to share with the world. Connecting and networking, a cultural commonality was more than beautiful to me. It gave me a renewed hope in the way business is done. Other than that single, possibly life altering moment,  I got the same thing shopping at Houston's Galleria mall: overcrowded spaces, gut-wrenching traffic, and no stores that I just had to visit, exclusive to Lenox Sqaure. Moving on to the Grand Lauder of shopping for males and females. The rental car train takes us all the way to Smyrna, Georgia, to TAGS, Atlanta Housewife and former Xscape band member, Kandi's boutique. Its nestled off in a shopping center with that modern old towne feel. It's rather cute! The store was certainly a boutique that had more than meets the eye. The staff in the store delivered exemplary customer service. Notably, Ms. Peaches, took great care of me and made me feel as if I was one of the Atlanta Housewives. She brought me varying sizes and styles of clothing. All fitting as if it were made for me. As a thick sister, with more than a few extra pounds, always finding things to fit, can be a challenge. But at TAGS, well let me just say, I bought everything that Ms. Peaches gave me! My experience was like no other, I've ever had. Because of that experience, I will make trips just to shop there! Yes, there is an online store, but it wouldnt do any justice, compared to what I experienced. What puts the icing on the cake, is that Ms. Peaches told me to see what they have new online, or call the store, inquire about its design and fabric, to determine if its a right fit for me. Now if that isnt personable, 5-star customer service, I dont know what is. After a day of train hopping, shopping and sight seeing, we headed back to the Melia, to relax and get ready for a night on the town.

Being an out and proud lesbian, I couldnt wait to see what Atlanta's nightlyfe had in store for me. Did I say it was cold and rainy? Considering that it was cold and rainy, I wasn't sure that I would run into those packed houses, wall to wall club scenes that I hear about, although, it WAS Mardi Gras weekend and certainly, ATL would have some sort of celebration commemorating the religious event. So on the itinerary, I came up with three clubs, one advertised as a Traxx Atlanta venue, the other, MSR event, and the Inferno hosted by LGBT-Atlanta. The goal was to hit all three and see which offered the best experience. Wellll, we first went to TRAXX Atlanta, I dont know if it was just a bad night or if someone else is using their logo, however, the crowd, was not what was expected of a TRAXX event. It was so bad, I never killed the ignition. Moving right along to My Sister's Room, locating the club was a task and once we found it, there was absolutely no where to park, so flabergasted, we went to Inferno, which just happened to be miliminutes from the Melia. We enter the club, which isnt too crowded, and stopped at the bar right in the door. Thoroughly disappointed, I ordered a long island ice tea...and the bar tender pours vodka in a cup of ice adds a coke, and tells me "$5 dollars please!" I looked at her, shook my head and paid her. I move in to the Boom Boom room, which is set up nice and could accomodate just the right amount of people to have the perfect party. There was a fair share of studs in the room, and if I was single, I surely would have been able to mingle, hands down. The DJ (from Cali) spinned a variety of music, ranging from house, old school hip hop to the new tunes burning up the charts. A few times, she lost me with the music but, redeemed herself, playing old and new favorites. After a few more 1 liquor Long Island Iced teas, I was feeling good and the music started to take me. My sis, on the other hand, looked clearly bored, and was ready to go almost as quickly as we arrived. I kept her in as long as I could. Overall, it was a nice outing, the music and drinks were more hospitable than the hosts or patrons. Seeing a new face or two, one should inquire, I would!

Our weekend was filled with sights for sore eyes, hard laughs, relaxing moments, and excellent memories. Overall, I enjoyed myself, but cant help but feel that either I was bamboozled or misguided. Many of the websites set up to guide seemed to be old, outdated, and unmaintained. Did I say it was cold and rainy? The cold and rain could have been a factor in the overall experience. I just know that my eyes are colored with cloud filled stains. I didn't get to have my lesbian filled Atlanta experience, or that Southern taste fest that I wanted, but I did marvel in the escape. If you visit ATL, just to go, I recommend that you definitely visit, Kandi's store, TAGS; stay at the Melia, Ms. Griffin at Carol's Daughter and thoroughly research the nightlyfe. Im sure Atlanta has more to offer, maybe next time I need to be linked up with somebody that's anybody among ATL's elite. Any suggestions?

Check Out my a few of my new favorites:

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Taking A Chance At Love by Kesha Pride: A Book Review and Interview

Picture this: Its a gloomy day, clouds are gray, thunder rumbles above you and the wind is nice and breezy. Rain is coming and there is nothing on your agenda. What do you do? You decide to pick up a book that you recently bought and make up your mind to only scan the book, figuring its a nice lead into the much needed nap. So you reflect on the title, and chalk it up to being another hopeless romantic novel, with a little action to keep you aware of the characters and another 'oh so predictable' story line: Boy meets girl, boy screws up, girl gets hurt, he proposes and all is right with the world. Well, in scanning the first couple of pages you find that its MUCH MORE than what you imagined and now you cant put it down!

As an avid reader, I think its important to skim and scan books just to get an idea of what you are up against. You know assessing the kind of read you will have, the mood/environment needed to get the most out of the book, and of course how drawn in you will be. One of my most recent book purchases included TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE by Kesha Pride. When I ordered the book, my first mindset was only to take a peek until I had more time to actively read. However, I picked the book up, only to scan it and was unable to put it down. There was no time or need to choose the optimal setting. Immediately, I was enthralled in the book, fell in love with the characters and made connections to my own life within the first few pages. The book is set in Atlanta, Georgia; however, there is a great connection to Houston. I find it exciting to read about places that I have been and people that I know, because I immediately begin to visualize the scene and project myself into it. As the title suggests, it is certainly about taking chances...MASSIVE life altering chances. Taking A Chance at Love commands its readers' attention introducing us to Tori Becker; a fresh, young, and beautiful doctor, who just happens to be an out and proud lesbian. Quite the charmer, Tori, immediately sweeps two young women off of their feet. From that moment on, the book is a page turning, nail biter. The plot thickens with each page, and creates the perfect foundation for a sequel or three. Filled with Drama, Sex (Great Sex), and Murder; TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE is the perfect read, no matter where you are and what you are doing. Just be ready to be taken away and able to 'zone' out....Its THAT Good! TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE, was so good, it became imperative to catch up, with the author herself, to find out what is the fuel behind this genius creation.

When I caught up with Kesha Pride, she was in the hair salon, sitting under the dryer. Beauty in all its glory was able to take a moment and share with me, the force behind her pen and book. Kesha Pride, a transplanted Houstonian, from Georgia, relocated to Houston after accepting an amazing job in Houston's Medical Center. Being all about family and career, there was no way that she could pass up an opportunity that benefited both. Ms. Pride has been writing for quite some time. She shared that while, "Growing up, I would write little short stories in notebooks and draw little pictures to go along with them. It was a great pastime. My freshman year in college, I changed my major from Biology to English in hopes of becoming a writer, but my parents were totally against that. I was an English major for about an hour, lol. Even still, I continued writing blogs, short stories, and university newspaper articles as requested or required. Fast forward to June 2010. I was seven months out of my final degree and had the time and energy to commit to writing but I wasn't sure where to start. I opened up Microsoft Office one day to test it on my new computer and when I closed it down for the night, I'd written the first three chapters of TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE. My passion was renewed and I threw myself into the story." Even with all these years of writing, Ms. Pride considers writing a hobby. To her a writer is someone who enjoys writing, and based on that definition she has been a writer since elementary school. A vivid imagination and love of reading will create and foster a love of writing. For Ms. Pride, writing is a release, allowing her to escape temporarily and the beautiful part of it all is that she can go anywhere her mind takes her. As a result of that she plans to continue to write well after her retirement. As a pronounced fiction writer, Ms. Pride incorporates my favorite (erotica) along with drama and suspense as well, making it the ultimate read. Its certainly, no surprise that Eric Jerome Dicker is her favorite author. Her favorite book by EDJ is Pleasure.  His style of writing by way of elements used is definitely hinted throughout TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE.

When discussing TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE, Kesha stated that the book wasn't planned, there was no central theme, it was just what she felt at that moment. It sounds like she begin writing this book, like I begin reading it, once you start, you are unable to stop. Whatever the case, once it was completed, it was translated into a work of fiction based on real experiences; her own and that of others. I was just dying to know if Ms. Pride would take the risks that Tori took, for the chance to have real love. Ms Pride stated that she would have to plan thoroughly before putting her livelihood on the line, for love or anything else. "I don't mind taking risks, but they are usually calculated ones." With that in mind it is safe to say that Ms. Pride is satisfied with the end product and wouldn't change anything about this book. The characters have left their mark on Ms. Pride and based on reader reviews, the mark is left on the readers as well. Currently, Ms. Pride is working on her second novel and a compilation of erotica stories to present a total lesbian anthology.

Most of my readers should know by know that I am a HUGE fan of support. This is the only reason that Sweet Tooth Media exists. So I couldn't help but ask Kesha, who are her biggest fans and supporters. Ms. Pride concluded our session with humbleness and appreciation of the support she receives. She says she loves the love she receives from her reader's, members of the LGBT communities in Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and other parts of the country. She says "the love is way more that I expected." She sends special recognition to Amuse Bouche Entertainment and K. Dapree of Heart & Soul. I confer with her as I have had the pleasure of working with both entities. She states that her friends have taken on this project full force and she is honored and happy to have them in her life. She shouts out Stacy, Kimmie, Kaze, Phyllis, Lisa, Tonya, and Brandee, "You ROCK!"

"Books support us in our solitude and keep us from being a burden to ourselves"         -Jeremy Collier
You can find out more about Kesha Pride and order TAKING A CHANCE AT LOVE at

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