Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet Tooth Media in 2011

Hello Sweet Tooth Fans:

It has been sometime since I've written. I didnt leave you, just took a small vacation. So much has happened since the last time I wrote. Well this is a special note to you all, to let you know that BIG THANGS are scheduled for 2011. Sweet Tooth Media will be going from a sole-proprietorship to a not for profit organization. Sweet Tooth Media, will be bringing in young authors and poets to aid in honing their craft and provide them with an outlet to create. It is my hope that you will come along on this journey and watch us continue to grow.

Sweet Tooth Media, will continue to provide the same personable approach to up and coming artists, Hot Spots and events, however, we are now expanding the realm to include all aspects of culture. You will see more personalized pieces on poets that will include some of the work, as well as aspiring and established artists, visual artists, entreprenuers and other Go-Getters in our community. We are expanding our scope and our audience, forming new partnerships and solidifying relationships with leaders and artists in our community.

Stay Tuned for Sweet Tooth Media's exciting changes. 2011 is our year!

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