Wednesday, August 11, 2010

B.E.Z aka The Belief of Houston MixTape Release Party (August 11, 2010)

Club UN doing their thing once again. TONIGHT: B.E.Z's Mixtape Release Party. Mixxed Up is in the BUILDING. If you dont have a homeboy like him, you need to get one. Mixxed called, me, and said "Aye, MsNightLyfe my homie is having his mixtape release party and I WANT you to come blog for him!"... I obliged, humbly. PKP in here showing much love, hosting, getting the crowd ready for the show. Special guest include J.Dawg, QMane and many more!

B.E.Z is releasing 2000WIN
Money@Music Tha MixTape. B.E.Z gets on the mic to thank those that are in attendance and even those that arent here tonight. B.E.Z of GIG Entertainment is trendsetting the hip hop scene. He exudes love, support and genuiness. There was so much love and realness in the building. The crowd sitting on edge in anticipation of the show. B.E.Z gets off the mic introducing the first peformer of the night, Killa D reminding the crowd that he moves on passion loves what he does, which is why he personally asked Killa D to open the show. B.E.Z speaks highly of Killa D, stating that he is dedicated to the game and what he does.
44 Acres Home in the building. B.E.Z is a busy man just last week he opened for Z-Ro. He works with another dedicated man to the grind who just happens to be FUNNY as HELL, EJ the Show!. In another blog Id have to tell you about how EJ and B.E.Z met and why he is in fact Mr. Make Ya Laugh. EJ tells it like it is, in a real, down to earth, round da block funny as hell type of way. Laughter, erupts through the room as he says "YOU CAN'T LET BLACK FOLK IN YA HOUSE..." He entertains the crowd with voice impressions, drawing the crowd in asking them to clap if they recognize the character he is impersonating. Mr. Ruckus from the "Boondocks", Ox from the movie "Belly", Bernie Mac and the Nigerian with a complex about meat shows up. My side is hurting from the outburst of laughter. It has been because of him that I understand the role of a comedian, to eliminate all your worries...for the moment with some reallllll funny sh**. If you havent checked him out, its an ABSOLUTE MUST that you do.

Next, Mixxed UP blazes the mic. His energy is ridiculous. His beginnings are very humble. He started doing this because of his mother who suffers from MS and he wanted to create a Hip Hop avenue right here in Houston to support MS and he is doing just that. Mixx needs no hype man he is his own hype man..while he performs. He is well on his way to being a great entertainer.

Finally, Mr. B.E.Z graces the stage performing songs from 2000WIN
Money@Music the MixTape. The Belief of Houston is giving the crowd his BEST. He does what he do because of his family and his fans. "Going Gets Tuff" is his first song. As I listen to his performance, I hear sustenance in his music, dedicated to the grind of this game. He is hungry for success....that in and of itself is admirable. He has so much love, he stops his show to introduce Ms. Clark of Justified Entertainment who comes to the stage and represent for the ladies. She is lyrically and vocally inclined. Songs like "Add it Up, Count it Up" blast through the speakers, is definitely a rotation worthy song to get the day started and set focus for the day. Then.....he brings Antho to the stage to perform "Lil Mama What It Do", I am certain to hit the charts as one of the HOTTEST club bangers. B.E.Z is a force to be reckoned with and is well on his way. I mean if you wake up grinding then outcomes will show that and he is living proof. If you havent checked him out yet you can do so at

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