Wednesday, August 11, 2010

B.E.Z aka The Belief of Houston MixTape Release Party (August 11, 2010)

Club UN doing their thing once again. TONIGHT: B.E.Z's Mixtape Release Party. Mixxed Up is in the BUILDING. If you dont have a homeboy like him, you need to get one. Mixxed called, me, and said "Aye, MsNightLyfe my homie is having his mixtape release party and I WANT you to come blog for him!"... I obliged, humbly. PKP in here showing much love, hosting, getting the crowd ready for the show. Special guest include J.Dawg, QMane and many more!

B.E.Z is releasing 2000WIN
Money@Music Tha MixTape. B.E.Z gets on the mic to thank those that are in attendance and even those that arent here tonight. B.E.Z of GIG Entertainment is trendsetting the hip hop scene. He exudes love, support and genuiness. There was so much love and realness in the building. The crowd sitting on edge in anticipation of the show. B.E.Z gets off the mic introducing the first peformer of the night, Killa D reminding the crowd that he moves on passion loves what he does, which is why he personally asked Killa D to open the show. B.E.Z speaks highly of Killa D, stating that he is dedicated to the game and what he does.
44 Acres Home in the building. B.E.Z is a busy man just last week he opened for Z-Ro. He works with another dedicated man to the grind who just happens to be FUNNY as HELL, EJ the Show!. In another blog Id have to tell you about how EJ and B.E.Z met and why he is in fact Mr. Make Ya Laugh. EJ tells it like it is, in a real, down to earth, round da block funny as hell type of way. Laughter, erupts through the room as he says "YOU CAN'T LET BLACK FOLK IN YA HOUSE..." He entertains the crowd with voice impressions, drawing the crowd in asking them to clap if they recognize the character he is impersonating. Mr. Ruckus from the "Boondocks", Ox from the movie "Belly", Bernie Mac and the Nigerian with a complex about meat shows up. My side is hurting from the outburst of laughter. It has been because of him that I understand the role of a comedian, to eliminate all your worries...for the moment with some reallllll funny sh**. If you havent checked him out, its an ABSOLUTE MUST that you do.

Next, Mixxed UP blazes the mic. His energy is ridiculous. His beginnings are very humble. He started doing this because of his mother who suffers from MS and he wanted to create a Hip Hop avenue right here in Houston to support MS and he is doing just that. Mixx needs no hype man he is his own hype man..while he performs. He is well on his way to being a great entertainer.

Finally, Mr. B.E.Z graces the stage performing songs from 2000WIN
Money@Music the MixTape. The Belief of Houston is giving the crowd his BEST. He does what he do because of his family and his fans. "Going Gets Tuff" is his first song. As I listen to his performance, I hear sustenance in his music, dedicated to the grind of this game. He is hungry for success....that in and of itself is admirable. He has so much love, he stops his show to introduce Ms. Clark of Justified Entertainment who comes to the stage and represent for the ladies. She is lyrically and vocally inclined. Songs like "Add it Up, Count it Up" blast through the speakers, is definitely a rotation worthy song to get the day started and set focus for the day. Then.....he brings Antho to the stage to perform "Lil Mama What It Do", I am certain to hit the charts as one of the HOTTEST club bangers. B.E.Z is a force to be reckoned with and is well on his way. I mean if you wake up grinding then outcomes will show that and he is living proof. If you havent checked him out yet you can do so at

Monday, August 9, 2010

Clarity Check Awards Show (July 23, 2010) Sponsored by Platinum Grind Entetainment

Clarity Check Awards Show: UNBELIEVABLE! July 23, 2010, I woke up a virgin but after that night I was a full grown WOMAN! Now get your head out of the gutter, I was a virgin to such an event. I lost my virginity that night. I walked in the door heart pounding. I checked myself in the mirror 10 minutes before exiting the car. As I'd arrived, I received confirmation that those 10 minutes did me a lil good. I was greeted with so much warmth it melted away my ambiguities. Elite, well dressed industry...gentleman, Elegant, ambitious...ladies surrounded the building. VIP was full, drinks pouring, anticipatory conversations filling the air competing for space with the music...Pimp C, Frankie Beverly and Maze (You name it, they Played it!) I wish you could have been there.
Once I got comfortable, moving from VIP to the Artist Recognition area (Platinum Grind, an official sponsor presented...) I sat there like a deer caught in headlights, unsure of what the show would bring. Immediately, I was lured into the sultry sounds of a Soul Songstress, LaTonya. I was so taken aback by her talent, her underdiscovered talent, because its certainly discoverable. Seperate from the talent displayed from the jump, Lady Hennyssi and DJ DreamKast have put together Houston's own BET Awards. Their mission to "explore new heights as we have committed ourselves, our time, our passion and efforts to giving the artists of Clarity Check grand exposure, professionalism and an experience out of this world..." is more than knowledge, its accurate, reliable and valid...truth. Artists are genuinely and classically showcased and honored for their efforts, participation, developments, and hunger. Its a beautiful learning exxperience for anyone who is involved.

The house was rocked by, Headliners Antho and Q-Mane, both award receipients. Q-Mane, is a 13 year old rap phenomenon. When you listen to his music and rap style, you instantly think of Lil Boosie with a Webbie feel. Q-Mane's ability is as unique as they come and more than versatile. He has the energy of an entire football team. He is more than an artist he's an entertainer. His father supports him 150 percent. Q-Mane dont need you to get out the way, he is burning a path of his own. And Antho, shhhhh, Man, he has been doing this since a very young age, so you know he has had a lifetime to hone his craft and he has far exceeded that. Awards seemed limitless with all the gifted beings that filled Krystals VIP.

My cherry popped when my business partner and I, presented the Clarity Check Award to Miss Tisa. To grace the stage with another strong, progressive, determined sister was ecstatic. To know Despite, the way the game does its sisters at time, it was the game showing much love. I was more than honored, humble to present this award. Right at the peak of it all, I was in the same space, breathing the same air, with the woman that gave life to one of Hip Hop's BEST, Pimp C. Mama Pimp, as I adoringly named her, made it a family affair and brought Pimp's seed, Corey and her husband. That alone made it a night to remember.

I want to end this simply with saying, My Clarity has been CHECKED! Thanks to Lady Hennyssi and DJ DreamKast, for such a wonderful experience.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Platinum Grind Entertainment: The Beginning of a Management Movement

When Platinum Grind Entertainment was born, it was done so after bearing witness to the major Fuckery that exists in this industry. We feel that its unfortunate and is a sure fire way to kill a dream. That speaks volumes and is most detrimental to someone who upsets their normal way of life to take a dream risk. We at Platinum Grind is here to serve as a stepping stone for many new artists and a resting spot for those who are well in the game. Our goal is to ensure that what ever the artist, model and the like needs are that our company meets them. This gives the professionals an opportunity to focus on their talent, refine their craft and do the things necessary to make their careers a success.

We utilize a plethora of research methods to see which options best fits the needs of our clients. We maintain personable relationships with our clients as this solidifies the depths to which we will go to meet their needs. Our services range from total management care to individually based needs. Because of budgets or lack of we offer bundled services or single service packages. As a management and consulting company, it is imperative that we represent our clients to the fullest. We want them to remain with us and if they decide to venture out on their own, then we always want to be an option for them. Most of our contracts are yearly, because we thrive on leaving the opportunity for personal growth.

We believe in having fun, learning, and teaching. We are as good as our weakest client!!! If there is No Grind, there is No Shine; Grinding is our MISSION, Platinum is our POSITION! And We are well on our Way! Check Us out at For Artist and Model Booking or for management opportunities email us at

Bad Business, Fuckery or Inexperience?????

Hello World! I write this blog a little late, as I wanted to ensure that I was accurate in my piece. Last week was my birthday, yes yes, Im getting more beautiful as the years go by and certainly more wiser. My only birthday wish was that I be given a surprise birthday party (just 1) because I have NEVER been given such a gift. Well, needless to say I wasnt given a surprise party at all, but a former business affiliate, took the liberty to plan a week's worth of birthday parties (Wed.-Sat.). Im not sure if this was done out of guilt because of child like actions, emotions and shade, the reason is neither here nor there at this point. What is important is that I accepted the itinerary with a few changes. I figured it would be a good opportunity to meet promoters and other industry people and make solid viable connections all while enjoying my birthday. From the start I was warned, told and pleaded with NOT to go this route because it wasnt what I wanted, and in addition to that, the former affiliate would be making money off of my celebration etc. THAT didnt even bother me, because I know its money to be made out here and at the very least I would have been broke off a little something something because it was MY birthday. It was further disclosed that the more people at one of the parties would mean more money for the host. So what did I do?...Gathered as many people as possible to ensure that there were more than enough folks in the building.

The parties scheduled from Wed-Friday were a success, my friends, sistas and business affiliates came out to support me and celebrate my day. However, before my official birthday and party (July 28) the business relationship with my former affiliate was terminated and needless to say, she wasnt in attendance for any of the "unpaid" parties. One face didnt stop the show! Now before I get into THAT day let me enlighten you to how I work. 2 weeks prior to my birthday or any of the parties, I contacted one of the persons putting on the car show, to see how I can assist and make things a little easier for them. I had a couple of meetings with the lady and recorded everything that she wanted my help with. In addition to that, I helped to promote the car show event by taking flyers, and scheduling events to distribute them. And I did exactly what was asked of me. I enjoyed it and it gave me a new experience (aggressive promoting). In addition to that, I sent out artists including Platinum Grind Entertainment's own artists and even the artists that is being managed by my former affiliate.

So let me fastforward a little, its 3:33am on Saturday morning, and my peeps and I are just getting in from the Friday party when I get a text message from the car show coordinator asking how many people will be in attendance. I question the fact that the message is being sent to me the day of at the wee hours of the morning, especially considering that I had just met with the lady on Thursday and had been talking to her almost daily since our first meeting (2 weeks prior). But I answer her anyway and give an estimate of 30. This number is so high because the former business affiliate included me, the promotional group and my car club on the flyers to promote the car show and after party. I had the founder and other members of the promotional group as well as our models come in from Dallas, the founders and members of the car show as well as their families and friends from right here in Houston to come out and support me and grasp the learning opportunity that existed being a part of the car show. Now, at 8 am the same day (5 hours later) I get another message from the car show coordinator informing me that I could only get 10 people in and that I would have pay $5 per person (NOT per car) for every person over 10. That pissed me off because of when and how it was done!!! The money was no problem, we paid it when we got there. The issue was had I known this prior to the day of the car show, I could have planned better and so could have my guests. The icing on the cake though was when we got there, there was NO ONE there and we arrived an hour and a half after the show was to start. You know when someone is doing underhanded shit, because they avoid you, refuse to make eye contact and dont even acknowledge you upon arrival. That isnt the way to do business PERIOD! Well that is what I and my guests were met with when we entered the gates. In addition to all of that, my car club was asked to park behind a stable because the front area was for artists. WTF! NO ONE was there, dont even recall seeing a stage. But hey, that is minimal. Not 0nly would the cars not be seen, but we would have to leave from around there to see the nothing that already existed. It was a major slap in the face. So needless to say we left!!!! Making our charitable donation to support the cause. There was absolutely no respect and in those cases most people get beligerent or leave. With that we didnt attend the after party.

Im not sure if what I experienced was Bad Business, Fuckery or just lack of experience in planning this type of event. I feel that its a combination of all three and I certainly have nothing else to go on. I am learning that in this industry fuckery is as common as a cold. I have also learned how to minimize cost and embarrasment. Initially, I was going to write this from a place of anger and pisstivity, but decided to convert that negative energy into positive energy. As a sista representing other sistas from a place of power and growth, it is my hope that the car show was a success and that this was a learning experience for them as well. From this experience I will:

1. Research every company or individual that I am to do business with.
2. Stay away from things and people I cant google.
3. Be sure to be apart of planning from the beginning if my company or business affiliates are to be involved.
4. Follow my first mind.
5. Keep the haters coming!!!

I welcome you!!!!

Please Leave your comments, criticisms, and compliments if you must.