Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. Deuce: Houston's FINEST!

We are all familiar that the music industry requires business sense, determination and most importantly TALENT!! Houston has alot undiscovered, hungry talent and I have had the pleasure of meeting one of them: Mr. Deuce. Mr. Deuce is the young and ambitious CEO of So Throwed Entertainment, an up and coming record label. He founded this company to give artists a fair chance at honing their craft and get their music heard. Deuce is an artist and business owner. When he isnt working (which is rare) he is taking care of himself and his mother. Our interview went so well, what was to be a 30 minute interview turned into a 3 hour chit chat. I am honored to know Mr. Deuce and here is your chance to get up close and personal with.... Mr. Deuce.

MsNightLyfe: Who is Mr. Deuce?

Mr.Deuce: "I am a rapper, songwriter and business owner. So Throwed Ent is my label and I write my own music. I have a few artist under my label. As a newcomer to the business side of the game I am hoping to be helped by the right people."

MsNightLyfe: Tell Us about your music/Record Label.

Mr. Deuce: "My Music is hip-hop, club and crunk music. I have a metaphoric style of raping. Its a different style for the known Houston sound. Its still Houston, but its more than sipping syrup and moving slow. Im not knocking it, Im just diversifying it. I started rhyming when I was 9 or 10 years old. I was writing poems for little girls I liked(laughing as if he was reminiscing about the poem), at 15 my brother encouraged him to rap or sing. I sung because my voice was light enough then. Now its too deep . I would flow with the instrumentals and beats.

MsNightLyfe: Excuse me, what was that laugh about, do you remember who you wrote a song for?

Mr. Deuce:(He smiles so cute ladies) "Yea, I remember, her name was Yesenia, she was actually my prom date."

Ms.NightLyfe: Im tickled because he remembers the young lady's name. What influences your music style?

Mr. Deuce: Poetry, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Jeezy and Plies. ( As he speaks and as I listen to his music, I think he sounds like, raps like all of them in one.) My lyrics are focused more on the ladies because I care more about women then I do the slabs. Thats a primary reason its said I dont really have the Houston sound.

Ladies and gentleman, I want to take this moment to just talk to you all about this young man. Mr. Deuce, rocks! He is truly a breath of fresh air. He is down to earth, humble and hungry. I admire his hustle. Im not an artist, but I wish I could be just to work with him. I've never met such a dedicated, driven man, that's so serious about achieving his goals. If you dont know him yet, you are truly doing yourself a great injustice. So my advice to you is: GOOGLE HIM, Get Familiar, with this undiscovered phenomenon.

Ms. NightLyfe: What industry greats move you?

Mr. Deuce: "Man, Lil Wayne is my favorite Artist and my favorite song by him is FireMan. Slim Thug, Eminem and Wayne influence his style of rapping. Slim because of his independent hustle. (He of course, on his path to becoming an industry great, put a few of his own works in it, his favorite songs are The Come Up and the Lloyd Banks mixtape release, song with AK47.

MsNightLyfe: What are some collaborations that you have worked on (or would like to work on)?

Mr. Deuce: "I have done a song with Liege called "Smile" which is a new song that lets the ladies know they are the reasons I smile and want to be the reason she smile. In addition to that, there is a single "Forever" in rotation. "

MsNightLyfe: What is your inspiration?

Mr. Deuce: My mother and the hunger I have.

Well Folks, Mr. Deuce is a force to be reckoned with. Keep up with him, you WILL miss something if you dont. He truly is one of Houston's FINEST! My favorite songs by Mr. Deuce are "The Come Up and "Addicted". Time for you to find your favorite tune. You can find Mr. Deuce in a variety of places:

Twitter:com @MrDeuce2010
Twitter.com @So_Throwed_Ent
Myspace.com: sothrowedent2010
myspace.com: deucesothrowed

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