Sunday, December 27, 2015

End Of The Year Reaches

Well readers we are all at the wonderful time of the year where everyone with a social media account goes on an entirely long list of what they are not going to do in 2016, and now memes have made it even more convenient. Now Im not the one to say whether out not that person will or will not do so but according to Forbes approximately 8% of people actually keep their New Years Resolution, mighty dim right? You also have your closures, those that just need to clean and clear out their conscience because bringing that into the new year is not an option. Now keep in mind some people take this time of the year to "feasts on their prey" those that take their misfortunes and use them as a ploy tacit on another's weaken emotions, no, not those, they gets no love from me. Im speaking of those really in their heart committed to make a change for the better. I applaud those, the shit aint easy, especially when you cant see the wrong you did, but something in your heart just cant let them go. That person has impacted your life so much that they were one of the lucky ones to become embedded in your heart, and to cut them out, is to cut a piece of your heart. And yeah you know that time heals all wounds, but who wants to expect a wound coming? However I myself have a closure. Mine is a closure of a what was once a beautiful friendship. It was a tale of 2 misinterpreted individuals who met each others needs like no other. Whatever I needed whether it was a shopping trip or date he was the one to call (using the correct pronoun for the situation). We had dreams that we were gonna help each other to achieve and jealously and hatred reared its ugly head and next thing you know, no calls returned, no text, no nothing. Will we ever be the same if paths ever cross, I know realistically no, but just know I miss you and this open letter is for you, may God send it your way. For those who may have had a falling out with someone and you know damn well it was something you could have gotten past, let me say PRIDE will get your whole life put on the sideline. Because why put off tomorrow what can be done today. Why let something a small and dumb as pride let you loose out on a lifetime friend. Don't ever let the bad outweigh the good, because finding good in people nowadays is finding a needle in a haystack. So just something to think over let this letter inspire you..

Dear Mr. West,

Last night I had a dream man real crazy. It was a dream of deep down how I miss you so much. In my dream I was holding your trans man hand and we were talking and laughing and dancing like we used to. Holding each other oh so close like we used to. Your hearty accent chopping away at my heart like it used to. At work overnight you used to satisfy my insomnia appetite and until the sun came me and you shared our lives our hopes our failures and downfalls with each don't feel right if I do it with another. Because I know somewhere deep inside there is a robe gavel and jury waiting and with you I have no doubt that when we hang up and you call back you still love me no matter what and that's a known fact. But what is unknown is where the future lies, will our paths cross again or is this the year our friendship has died. And if it is not written in Gods plans than so be it but pray for me because this lost will be particularly hard because all ever wanted was you me and our unbreakable bond under some island stars...I'm sorry...ttyl...or goodbye.

Peace and Blessings
Swagg P

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