Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Houston Pride: A Brief Overview

This past week was one definitely for the books. As of June 26 the entire U.S. LGBT community can now be recognize as one, we are now able to get married. For those in Houston the ruling came right on time because the 36th annual Pride Houston celebration week had begun, which made this year's pride even more significant as well as over 700,000 attendees the largest amount for Houston Pride ever. I attended the annual festival and the parade which some of my close friends and acquaintances were featured including our own Ms Nightlyfe.

With the festival now moved to Downtown Houston many had doubts on things such as parking and space, but I believe there was a great amount of parking and actually more room versus the original location of Montrose which is commonly known as the LGBT community designated area. However I found it to be filled with entertainment form such stars as Estelle and Big Fredia as well as The T.R.U.T.H Project and many more.

There were so many resources available from everything from mental health awareness (interview coming soon) to legal rights for LGBT health vendors and everything in between. One of the vendors I had a pleasure of speking with is C. Patrick Mcllvain who is the founding member The Houston Walk (thehoustonwalk.org) which is holding its 5th annual 5k Walk For Mental Health Awareness Houston. This event isn't until October 10th so you still have plenty of time to sign up, form a team and gather donations for such a great cause because in Houston alone 15,000 people are treated each month from mental illness (www.mhmraharris.org). I also spoke with Chuck Smith from Equality Texas (equalitytexas.org) who help those within our community with matters such as ending discrimination in and out of the workplace, to help build stronger families, protecting youth and preventing violence. So overall it was a great experience and I have a few features or the entertainment as well as a brief interview. Enjoy and Happy Pride!!!

Peace and Blessings
Swagg P

thehoustonwalk.org or The Walk For Mental Health Awareness (FaceBook)

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