Monday, June 24, 2013

Eve Reigns in the Eden's Garden: EVE Headlines Eden San Francisco Pride June 27-30 2013

EDEN is excited to announce our weekend headliner!  Grammy Award winning recording artist EVE is coming to the garden of EDEN to perform LIVE!!!!!! Her new album just dropped on May 14th, Lip Lock. and she will be at EDEN at the end of June! Not only will she performing music from her new release but she will also be selling and signing CDs after her show.  So get ready, get set GO!  It is gonna be an amazing weekend!

“I feel rejuvenated, like a brand new artist.”
A surprising admission from Eve, the Grammy-award musician who’s already racked up an impressive hit list (“Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” “Gangsta Lovin’”, “Who’s that Girl,” Satisfaction,” “Tambourine,” etc.) and three multi-million selling albums (Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, Scorpion and Eve-Olution), while also earning critical raves (“a new standard in hip-hop,” said Entertainment Weekly).
And when she hasn’t been making music, it’s not like Eve has been out of the spotlight — the hip-hop star has been making her mark in film (Barbershop, Vin Diesel’s xXx, Whip It), on TV (with her own show, Eve, and in guest roles on shows such as Glee), with fashion (her own line, Fetish), and as a guest star on a number of big-name musical projects (Gwen Stefani, Ludacris, Maroon 5…the list goes on).
But Lip Lock, the Philly native’s fourth album, marks the singer’s confident return to music under her own label, and some new songs in tow.
So what’s behind the rejuvenated spirit?
“I reconfigured my life,” says the singer. “And I took time to record, and just feeling right artistically. The good thing is, right now, I feel it.”
Having moved to London, Eve’s headlining return to the music world comes with new sounds and collaborators, while still maintaining the edge of her first three records. As Eve says, “I call the new record Lip Lock because it’s about locking the game back down.” Consider it locked.
You can trace Lip Lock’s musical themes all the way back to Let There Be Eve: this is still the work of a strong artist and a fierce rapper not afraid to make a few musical left turns. The percussive fury of “All Night” is tempered by the cool synths of “Keep Me From You,” f/ Dawn Richard. There’s some powerful boasting (“Mama in the Kitchen” f/ Snoop Dogg) mixed with perfect pop hooks (“Make It Out This Town” f/ Gabe Saporta). Also featured on the album are Pusha T, Juicy J and Chrisette Michele.
Lyrically, the record feels confident, not angry. “The overall theme here is strength,” says Eve. “There’s aggression, like my first record, but it’s different. I’m in your face, but I don’t need to prove anything. It’s not anger, it’s feeling my strength, being a strong woman.”
With “She Bad Bad,” a take-no-prisoners anthem, likely to scare off pop radio, Eve claims, “We wanted to start out with something viral, something different. It definitely is getting people talking. I mean, I didn’t want to leave my core audience behind, but I did want to build a bridge from Ruff Ryders to where I am now.”
The most interesting track may very well be “Make It Out This Town,” a collaboration with Cobra Starship front-man Gabe Saporta and produced by Claude Kelly. “It’s got a really, really big hook,” said Eve. “Working with other musicians can be exciting as it gives the songs a different energy.”
To coincide with Lip Lock’s May 14, 2013 release, Eve will be launching a tour of the U.S this summer. “I’ve been performing in Europe, Asia and all over the globe really for the last few years and so I can’t wait to come back to the States,” says Eve.
And most of all, the singer hopes to use the lessons she learned early on to conquer the music world once again.
“I had to tour, gain respect, do the underground/street kind of thing,” she says. “The underground is still there, but at the same time, I think there’s a lot of artists today that haven’t gone through that. There’s superstardom before they leave the bedroom. I appreciate that I had to work for it—and that’s what I’m still doing.”

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Confessions of An Artist: My T.R.U.T.H- Real, Unapologetic Healing- I CARE Campaign

Negative, depressed, dark, and pain are just some words to describe the condition of my heart during what is Still the worst day of my existence: 10.1.10 was a day symbolic to a record getting caught on the bent needle of an old record player. It replays over and over the same sound, the same agonizing pain that any mother would feel, if she heard that because of her choice in love, she'd been deemed unfit. Feelings of remorse, confusion and injustice were minimal compared to feelings of defeat, defamation, and embarrassment. Yet my anger, my rage was agonizing especially when those thoughts became calls of action. I'd become so paralyzed with grief, hatred and dark desires that I withdrew from the world around me. There was no light in the space I had been forced to live in. The only thing that existed was the poison that handicapped me and...a pen and a pad.

I'm not certain what forced my hand, to change my first guess is that I'd grown tired of being still, stagnant in grief. I knew that what I was feeling needed to be released, told, shared with someone, anyone that was willing to listen. If nothing more, I knew that it couldn't continue to reside in me, taking my mind, body, and soul hostage. So I begin to write. That act alone was so monumental in my life that I haven't stopped writing. Picking up that pen was the beginning of my healing, the releasing of hate. It was then that I wrote my first poem, entitled My Side of the Story. My Side details the custody battle that changed Everything in my life. I shared that poem publicly for the first time at HeArt and Soul Produced by K. Dapree. I was received with open arms as I stood on the stage with my paper, reading and exposing, something so real and live:  My T.R.U.T.H. (Telling Real Unapologetic Truths Thru Healing). From that sharing, K. Dapree invited me not only to write for what was at the time one of his new project, but to also share more of my Truths at the T.R.U.T.H. Project.

Neither of us knew it at the time, but that was the beginning of a journey that has taken an identity of its own. I am still writing not just to heal myself this time, but to encourage and excite healing in others. The T.R.U.T.H Project and all of its affiliates cared enough to give share their platform with me and allow me to share my pain and my healing. When in an environment of caring it makes it second nature to care too. Which leads me to share further. The T.R.U.T.H Project has launched the I CARE Campaign so that it may continue to offer opportunities to nurture new writers and provide platforms for healing and creative expression. To learn more about the campaign, to donate, and show that YOU too CARE visit I encourage everyone to share their healing point and the appointed healer and/or platform that has allowed you to move forward in your life as it may save someone else's. All information and direct links to the T.R.U.T.H Project and the I Care Campaign can be found at
uzzworthy Cravings, Creatively Satisfied!