Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Walking In My Shoes....The Creatively Expressive, Artistically Inclined Denise Whitmore

As an educator, I am always instructing my students to write in color, after redirecting them advising them that I don't mean write using a crayon, rather use magic words that make colors appear before their readers very eyes. Those words work together with great expression to help readers visualize. Many of them take off and create literary masterpieces that could be hung as the finest painting known to man. Its rather exciting to be a colorful expressionist, but to meet others makes me more than ecstatic. I had the pleasure of meeting Denise "Niecy" Whitmore, CEO/Creative Director of Whitmore Art Studios.

 Every First Friday the Whitmore Art Studio hosts parties to invite the community to come and view the new exhibits. On July 6th the studio for featured black and white art with a splash of color by local DFW artists. Live music was provided by Michael Smith who performed music from his newly released album Beyond. A piece of art and a personal painting session hosted by Denise Whitmore was raffled! The Personal Painting session allowed for the winner and a friend to have a one on one painting session with Denise! It was here that I experienced first hand the power of Ms. Whitmore's talent. There was a since of nostalgia as I entered Whitmore Art Studios, maybe it was the live music, the warm greetings, or the dynamic beauty in each piece of art. Whatever it was, I journeyed through the studio slow and deliberately and on my discovery path, Ms. Whitmore joined me. She explained each painting, introduced the artists; yet I felt there was something more to know. So, I obliged my inquisitive tugs and asked Ms. Whitmore to share the beginning of her intimate affair with the Arts. She begin by telling me that she started with poetry. I stopped her and shared that I love colorful writing and expression. She stated, "To read aloud, to project my voice clearly. I took that to mean creatively not mere enunciating. So I painted my poems, eager to see the faces, and emotions expressed through my literature. I began to submit for art shows. My first two art shows in Jacksonville, Florida. The Women's Center, and The Lavilla Ritz Museum. I was accepted for both shows only months after my first paintings. Ridiculously ecstatic I began to exhibit by invitation and submission on a regular basis. I felt at home. I was also invited to join a group of local Lakeland, Fl. artist that I dubbed the Local Famous. We met weekly and exhibited regularly. I still consider myself a southern folk and urban Florida artist, self taught, hungry, motivated and inspired by the sea breeze, palms, and flowers in every color imaginable. My art like my heart is open. Moving to Texas or like I usually say, Big Texas has given me a different delicious perspective. Unlike seeing green 365 days of the year, I have been moved by the browns, grays, and natural hues that provide foundation for the colorful spirit I own. I can’t wait to let Texas take over me on canvas. I’m ready."

 Having been a poet for more then 20 years and self publishing 3 volumes of poetry, its no mystery that Ms. Whitmore has a 3 year collection of paintings. She continues to write about her most intimate, emotional moments to date. She discloses that, "Intimate to me is the delicate relationship with self. How and who you are when you sit quiet and write, paint, and just be. How you react to you when life is worth celebrating or when your are struggling to get up from a fall and begin yet again. I love life and people who passionately attack it with kindness and good deeds. Being actively involved in your greatest desires and truth is poetic." With a slogan: Live Life In Color...Paint Yourself Free Ms. Whitmore encourages us all to grow intimate with self and Live BOLDly! Check Out the Video Interview!!!

 "Buzzworthy Cravings, Creatively Satisfied!"

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  1. natasha carrizosaJuly 17, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    i am proud to say i have three whitmore pieces in my home. they bring me joy. as she does. she is full of wonder and her paintbrush? full of truth. the empress inspires me to live my life in color. as she does. one stroke of the brush/pen at a time.