Monday, June 18, 2012

Shay Franco-Clausen, Eden's Secret River of Coffee: Marketing Caffeine

Ever had a moment where you're cognizant of your natural power, strength and ability; yet with just the sip of Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, or Coffee you have an added boost of energy. This energy carries you through your day and while reflecting your realize that you got way more done than you imagined... Its amazing what a little caffeine can do for you. This is the same notion that executives have when it comes to running and conducting business. The smartest business man, allows the Company name and brand to do all the work for them. This couldn't be done without the perk UP from marketing. Great marketing, solicits and solidifies working relationships with those organizations, company's and other brands and allow the name to speak for itself. Deep inside the Eden's Powerhouse, flows a forcefully graceful river of Marketing Coffee, and her name is Shanta "Shay" Franco-Clausen.

Responsible for Eden's marketing and relationship building, Shay, is indeed a picker-upper. I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Shay as she is adoringly known as, during my first experience with Eden. From that first experience and impression that Shay left in my inbox (YES, she's that GOOD), has grown into a Media Sponsorship, and the possibility of a long lasting working relationship. As a business owner, I know that the importance of building relationships, promptness, and accuracy is critical in branding. Shay brought all these things and more. Undoubtedly, just as critical as marketing is for a businesses' survival, it was equally crucial that I get a sample of this Coffee's effect.  As a native of Chicago, with a dash of Puerto Rican, Shay is a saucy addition to Eden's Team.

Currently living in the Bay Area, raising three children with her wife, Yolanda, playing flag football initially for the San Francisco Rebels and now for the Iron Tails, coaching in her community, volunteering and working for one of the largest marketing firms in the Silicone Valley, Shay has her work cut out for her. So being referred to synonymously as coffee, isn't that far fetched. Nor was it luck that I caught up with Shay for an intimate interview regarding her involvement with Eden, and how that  as a part of her life has influenced her Pride and Progress. Take a look and listen, as Shay bares all, and spills all of her coffee beans.

STM: What has inspired your involvement with Eden Pride?

Shay: After attending a previous Eden Pride Event, in which my wife was chosen as model, I had the chance of meeting Miz Chris and instantly the connection was made. I loved that Miz Chris was powerful, but was also human, and I knew that we had to work together, and here we are.

STM: I understand that your motto is, "Living Life Like Its Golden!" What does that mean to you?

Shay: As a cancer survivor, I have come to realized that tomorrow isn't promised and to live everyday like its the last.

STM: In celebrating PRIDE, how important is Progress in the LGBTQ community?

Shay: Very Important! It allows us to have conversations that we typically don't have, including political discussions. Eden Pride, isn't just about partying but community support and awareness. In order for us to be Proud, we have to Progress, support each other in our community. The LGBTQ community collectively, with no lines of separation is a trillion dollar industry and our buying power is more than tremendous. This is progress...once pride is connected in its entirety we will be immovable.

STM: Do you think there will ever be total equality in this life?

Shay:  We're all equal, just not on paper. I'm as equal as everyone else. But feel we are already equal, we're not going anywhere...

STM: I see that you are extremely involved in the community, how important is that we we as parents, professionals and the like be involved in our community?

Shay: Support is necessary for our community to thrive. We are one in the same and without our thoughts, we are nothing. As a coach, community volunteer, and active parent in our children's school, I get to share who I am and what I do.

STM: Tell us about YoShay Kafe.

Shay: YoShay Kafe is an eco-friendly kafe that serves natural/organic items including coffee. It will be a totally recycled environment. It will be the location for fostering the love of art, poetry, and the like. The idea behind YoShay, is to Pay it forward, advocate for clean environment. YoShay is unique in that its created for the family.

The interview goes on, as heard in this Highlight of Eden's River of Coffee, so Click Play Below and Listen UP!!!

After the beans have been spilled, Shay leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling with this note, "Eden has grown, and I think that the personal connections made in social media, has played a big part, but the best part of all is going out meeting people, socializing while receiving and being a source of information...We have to continue to contribute to change."

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chaney Turner and Social Life Productions: An Entertainment Necessity- Eden San Francisco Pride

Since the beginning of time celebratory acts and events have undoubtedly played a major role in creating memorable moments. These events are often associated with pleasant memories that are to be revisited time and time again, yet many don't consider what it takes to create such an event. Entertainment Directors are critical to making social events a success. These individuals must rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, perform a variety of complicated tasks, and have a wide degree of creativity and latitude. Seems like a lot, right? Of course, but until you have spoken directly with such a force in entertainment, you don't know the half of it. However, after speaking with Eden Pride's Entertainment Director Chaney Turner, I found that it isn't as painful as it least she makes look painless. 

Chaney Turner, the owner of Social Life Productions, has been working in entertainment/nightlife for over ten years and has found that the ability to build relationships is the most important aspect of this work. Being a great communicator is also a good skill to have to deal with people that you are trying to work with. She further states that one can’t be timid and quiet, that's for sure. Chaney tells STM that a key component in promotions and event productions is drive or ambition. She goes on to say "that some people believe that its easy to got out and create an event, but as with anything you have to work hard to build a brand for whatever you’re attempting to represent and even though it may not always go your way, you have to keep on striving for it." Chaney believes that experience truly is the best teacher. When asked what makes an event classified as a quality event Chaney told us that "its not the amount people that attend your event, its about the people who are there and making sure that they have a good time...If at the end of the night, the crowd is talking about how much fun they had, then that's confirmation that you had a quality event and that in and of itself is the reward." 

Chaney has known Miz Chris, Eden Pride San Francisco's Creator, since Miz Chris relocated from Texas about four years ago. This meeting is what inspired Chaney's involvement with Eden. Knowing that their connection would last a lifetime, they immediately forged a great working relationship. Chaney states that "they have always had great chemistry and that it’s not always easy to find people that you can trust to work with", so when Miz Chris extended an opportunity to work together, she was eager to join the Eden Team. Since joining Eden, Chaney informs me that because its like being around family, it hardly feels like work and makes working together that much more fun. Furthermore, as an Entertainment Director, Chaney believes that providing an event for women especially, women of color who are underrepresented in San Francisco was necessary. Her goal as an Eden Producer is to make sure that all women are represented and feel welcomed at Eden events. This is what continues to fuel her inspiration to work hard. San Francisco has always embraced its diversity but that has now been expanded to include, highlight, and honor women. "We have so many exciting options now...for female specific entertainment in the Bay Area. What other city can you find such a diverse community of beautiful queer, lesbian, Bi and Tran’s people. We've got it good, states Chaney. 

In celebration of Pride Month, of course I had to get the skinny on Chaney's coming out story as well as her perception of Pride and Progress in the LGBT community. Coming out at the tender age of 19 (or 20), still living at home wither her parents, Chaney let the cat out of the closet simply because she was fed up with hiding who and what she was. It really begins to affect her because it isn’t the norm in her family to keep secrets from those so close. She went to her mother's room, crying, and spilled the beans. Her mother's response is only one that many of us hope for. She asked Chaney, if she was sure and then rolled a nice cigarette of herbal meditation medicine and shared it with her daughter. Chaney states that they cried, and talked together and that it turned out to be really beautiful, not at all crazy and painful like so many have shared. With a coming out story that sweet, I imagine that Chaney's Pride and Progress is through the roof...and I was right. The progress of the community is very important to Chaney, but realizes too, that we still have a long way to go. She states, “There are a lot of issues that we need to address within the gay community before we ask the outside communities to be on our side. There is still class-ism, racism and discrimination against trans people from people within the LGBT community." This phenomenon helps support her belief that there will never be total equality in this life time. I concur Chaney, I concur!

 So we end, with finding out what is next from Chaney. The Entertainment Director, has recently produced, Speaker Boxx which featured DJ's Ryan and LP, and was held at Levende East and featured some of the best DJ's in the Bay. Speaker Boxx was unique event because the goal was not play the typical "hits" that are normally heard on a daily basis. DJ's Ryan and LP worked really hard to make sure that they kept the energy of the party high, while selecting rare gems that kept you on the dance floor. Chaney shouts out Stixx and Jamaica who held down the door and provided overall support. Speaker Boxx has been on hiatus for sometime but she encourages us to keep your Eyes and Ears Open: New Shit Coming Soon! 

To stay abreast the "New Shit" find Chaney at these fine Web Places:
You can catch her in the,, and!!!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

IllicitLife Ent. Presents: The Moscato Music Lounge Memorial Day Edition

Dallas, TX- May 27, 2012

While taking the road less traveled, my thoughts begin to think....
What would have become of the work without our soliders on the brink. 
Our horizons would have been unprotected, embedded in our valley's lows
Beneath religious tyranny, political scowl, and economic woes.
Reflecting on the memory of those who fought their lives away
Protecting our soil, For you, I celebrate Memorial Day.
Amidst the Rockets Red Glare and White Light Sounds
I found myself celebrating at the Moscato Music Lounge
Free Food, Good Music, and Fantastic Drinks
Beautiful People, Fashionably Trendsetting...what a patriotic link
Celebrating the fallen's memory in style
Coupled with the Launch of The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine, There's No Stopping Us Now!
With the Right hand and the Left one too,
It is my pleasure, and to You...I S-A-L-U-T-E

This Memorial Day went down in the HerStory Books! Surrounded by beautiful women full of talent, Sweet Tooth Media, took The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine ™ on the road, to Dallas. The Moscato Music Lounge: Memorial Day Edition Presented byIllicitLife Ent. housed the Official Dallas Launch of The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine ™An extension of Sweet Tooth Media BlogSpot, The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine ™ is a promotional magazine providing the public with trendy, relevant, and buzzworthy retail information. The mission of T The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine ™ is to provide its readers with a wealth of information and education to make informed decisions, all while doing what they love! We believe that our readers should be afforded the absolute best when it comes to satisfying needs, desires and absolute must-haves, from companies that offer exceptional products, entertainment, prices and customer service. 
A full color 30+ page magazine, with advertisements, buzz worthy events, cultural and educational articles, and community driven highlights, The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine ™, is the first of its kind in that there are a limited number of publications that attend and advertise culturally diverse entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The Moscato Music Lounge is held on the last Sunday of the month, and is home to R&B, NeoSoul, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word. Produced by Nik Ceo, CEO of IllicitLife Ent., Moscato Music Lounge, is an environment of friendly ambiance and fresh perspectives, that provides a platform for artists to display talents. Hosted by the Lovely CrisDee, guests were entertained by LIVE local talent. Guests were indulging in sushi, great drinks and conversation. The stage wasn't always artist appreciative as chatter increased throughout the show but musical and poetic genius redirected just as quickly. With a name like Moscato Music Lounge, it is no doubt that one will relax and enjoy...Life the way it should be.

Check Out Sweet Tooth Media Video Coverage of the Dallas Launch of 
The S.W.E.E.T. Magazine ™

"Buzzworthy Cravings, Creatively Satisfied!"