Monday, August 22, 2011

The T.R.U.T.H. Project: K. DaPree, The Socially Inclined SoothSayer!

 Often when you hear the term "Social Network" you think of a social structure made up of individuals or organizations that are in some form connected through commonalities or similar interest. These relationships work together for the individuals and the social structure. I like to infer that these social structures will thrive based on the foundation in which it was created. For the sake of this blog, I will focus on earlier innuendos of Social Network, dating back to the 1800's. Sociologists argued that social groups can exist as personal and direct social ties that either link individuals who share values and belief or impersonal, formal, and instrumental social links. This says that we have a need to to socialize, its what makes us human. All to often we get so caught up in the "social networks" that we fail to hone those social ties to the point of healing. When individuals gather to celebrate, appreciate and share  those things that make us human, I think it would be safe to say, that being apart of a social network is in our best interest and the best thing to do. But...what if you are the social network itself, intricately operating, existing, simply to bring togther a group of individuals using their pain to heal themselves and others? I have found an individual, that is the source of the Ultimate Social Network, Mr. K. Dapree and that network is the T.R.U.T.H. Project which stands for Telling Real Unapologetic Truth thru Healing. Its a must that I tell you how this Social Network has grown into the Ultimate Social Network....Listen Up!!!

It was scorching HOT on an early Friday evening, and I arrived at the home of Mr. Kevin Anderson, socially known as K. Dapree. I was brought in out of Hell's imitation and greeted much so, I kicked my shoes off and almost curled up on the couch. K. Dapree made me feel comfortable and right at home. After I was all settled in, I took a sip of my water, and just gazed in amazement at this marvelous being. This man has done wonderful things for the community. It is no wonder he, himself, has become the ultimate social network. First beginning, with He(Art) and Soul, a merging of the arts, where various artists of all walks come to share their talents, network and be spiritually fed, K.Dapree envisioned an intellectual alternative form of entertainment. From that vision grew a breeding ground of kindred spirits and creative juices.  He(Art) and Soul has become the sounding stage, for those creative souls, willing, driven, and pulled to share and inspire. K. Dapree tells me that in analyzing the progress of He(Art) and Soul, he found that he had created a platform for people to open up and talk about taboo and painful issues that in someway or another lead to healing and moving on. In the midst of He(Art) and Soul's growth, he had another visionary idea that was written on a sticky note at work, and said "T.R.U.T.H. Project. K. Dapree states that he didn't have any idea what that meant, but realized at a later date that he put periods behind each letter, and then one day it hit him: Telling Real Unapologetic Truths thru Healing. This would be an exclusive arena for healing through arts, through expression. Six months later it has become that and more.
The T.R.U.T.H Project launched on June 24th, 2011. Its healing theme was Abuse and Discrimination. The next T.R.U.T.H Project will be on September 17, 2011 at the Kaplan Theater on the campus of the Jewish Community Center. 5601 S. Braeswood. The theme in September will focus on Bullying and Stigma. September's project features Buttafly Soul and Ken J. Martin along community artists including L.I.G.H.T (Spoken Word Artist/Educator), Donnie(Dancer),  Urban Souls Dance Company 2, Venita (Body Artist) and Ms. Pinky (Poetess). The T.R.U.T.H Project is a structured event, that highlights Feature/Celebrity Presentations, Community Artists, and the Open Mic; for those making the decision to heal because of something they heard or experienced at any of K. Dapree's events. The artists create original work centering around the theme. What makes this the Ultimate Social Network is that all of its members are expressing for the common good of every eye that sees and every ear that hears. K. Dapree, says this isn't a competitive platform, rather a great formation of alliances and collaboration.  Having been a patron of anyting K. Dapree, I have witnessed first hand artists networking, coming together to serve each other effortlessly. Witnessing the connections is what makes this worthwhile for K. Dapree.

As I sat there hanging on to every word, made by one of the most talented, creative men I know, it was hard for me to find exactly where to end the interview. Listening to him speak is like listening to a poetic love song on a Saturday morning, while cleaning your home with the windows up, rollers hanging and feet dancing. K. Dapree ends our interview with this: "Remain in your TRUTH, dont hold on to things we arent responsible for and let it out...preferably creatively. EXPRESS IT and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!"

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Easy Ambassadors Presents: The 2nd Annual Hurricane Katrina Memorial


2nd Annual Hurricane Katrina Memorial
Secondline A reunion of life, culture, prosperity and strength through a New Orleans tradition.

The 2nd Annual Hurricane Katrina Memorial and Secondline is a spicy three course meal of entertainment featuring a host of New Orleans’ musicians in the heart of Houston. Building on the success of last year’s event and after a tiring journey to find a new home, this year the show will take place at the world famous Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park, Sunday, August 28, 2011. The Big Easy Ambassadors present an eye popping and ear dropping display of music, dance, culture, tradition and fanfare will be a site to remember. Starting at 7 o’clock pm this show will light up the night.

The HKM 2011 is a true reunion of all sorts, families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates and more! Inspired by comments like, “Thank you, baby! We felt like they forgot about us, but for this one day, I feel like I’m home!” from a Ms. Weathersby formerly of the 9th Ward in New Orleans, now a HouOrleanian.

The excitement and desire for this event has prompted many New Orleans artists to donate a portion of their performance time to us. The show will be hosted by Davi Jay from the HBO hit series “Treme”, followed by Franklin IV the Rockspel a?rtist, Dave Lemon and the Flow and The Hustlers Brass Band. The HKM 2011 is being funded solely by donations from the New Orleans community in Houston, music lovers, cultural enthusiasts and people in search of a good time.

This event was the springboard for the formation of our non-profit organization, “Big Easy Ambassadors Social Aid and Pleasure Club”, which reconnects and energizes the displaced citizens of New Orleans all over the country. Information about the HKM 2011 ways to Donate and/or organization information can be found at

The HKM 2011 is an event to remember. Come out to crowning event, full of excitement and great entertainment. Hermann Park’s family friendly environment welcomes your grills and boiling pots for a family and friend reunion like none other. Please come enjoy our music, food, family, tradition and homage.

Contact Information: Big Easy Ambassadors 7520 Cook Rd. Suite 2108
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

QMane, The Future of Hip-Hop: Live From Trae Day 2011

July 22, 2011 was Hot as hell outside, yet that didnt stop folks from arriving at Delmar Stadium, anticipating the increase in temperature as they stepped inside Hip-Hop Inferno, known as Trae Day. 2011 marked the Fourth Annual Trae Day celebration. Trae Day is an official Houston holiday that celebrates support in the urban community. This free event is presented by Trae the Truth in which he provides back to school supplies for the children in the urban community as well as a one stop fun shop, where they can receive freebies, vaccinations; partake in food, and fun house festivities. Adults are entertained by a concert featuring local talent and other celebrities. Celebrities present this year included Lupe Fiasco, Lil Duval, Bun B., Lola Monroe, Mama Pimp  (Pimp C's Mother) and more. I was amazed of the city officials' participation in this event. Representatives from the office of Councilwoman Jolanda Jones and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee were present and presented Trae the Truth with letters/awards of recognition for his continued community support. All of this made Trae Day, historical, but what made Trae Day remarkable, was the performance of QMane, the Young Lyricist. THIS was my purpose for subjecting myself to such harsh and hot conditions.

Qmane was born Quamaine Deondre Edwards in the city of Opelousas,LA. He started to show interest in Hip Hop at the age of 3, but became more serious when started to write his own songs at the age of 9.  Now with a positive future ahead of him as a professional artist, he also hosts his own radio show on Q96.6 PUIR SOUND RADIO, which is on the air each and every Saturday 12pm-2pm. He also has worked with artists like: Lil Boosie, Lil Keke, J Dawg, Cory Mo, Killa Kyleon, and many more. So then it should be no surprise to you that he was a thread in this historical cloth. QMane, now 14 years old, has an energy, that is encompassing. It doesnt matter the mood you're in, if hear him perform, live or otherwise, you will move your feet. On Trae Day, I was able to see another hot performance from QMane, his new single entitled, "TWERK". Certainly its not surprise, that this budding 14 year old and soon to be high school freshman, is interested in seeing the young ladies Twerk! This dance hit, laced with southern drawl paying homage to Lil Boosie, is sure to get the teeny boppers out of their seats. On stage with QMane is the newest addition to his team, FGOC: Fly Girls On Campus. These young ladies, represent various colleges and formed this dance team to support up and coming artists, hone their dance skills, and to get the exposure they well deserve. About a week before Trae Day, I had a chance to visit QMane at PUIR 96.6 and got a chance to meet FGOC. These ladies are full of energy and fits perfectly with QMane's drive and energy level. After the performance, Trae Day went on, but QMane, well he continued to grind. Once his fans and entourage allowed him to break free, he worked the crowd. From distributing free cd's and greeting other players in the rap game to making his own cameos in front of any camera aimed his way. FGOC followed closely creating their own lane to support QMane.

This was my first time attending Trae Day, but I am proud of Trae's efforts and commitment to the betterment of the community. All to often we hear about this artist committing this crime, have a baby with this woman, etc., but to witness Trae Day, QMane and many of the other artists, I know that there are still people that allow the community to live within them. That simple fact, makes what Sweet Tooth Media does, worth doing!!

To partake in a small part of Trae Day, I recommend watching Man's performance of "TWERK" at Trae Day 2011.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Day of Music to Benefit: Girls Rock Camp Houston

I remember hearing while growing up that I could do anything I choose to do. Whether it was driving tractors, trucks, cutting grass, construction, wearing clothing designed for boys or playing music, I was encouraged to be the best that I can be. I also remember joining groups that encouraged me to be the best but, defined in which arenas best fit and young and budding girl child. Thank God, our community has evolved some since then. Its imperative that children especially girls are encouraged to explore all avenues of art, music and the like, to promote creativity and freedom of expression. W.O.M.A.N, Women of Montrose Action Network is one of those organizations that promotes that whole woman no matter her calling, desire, or default origin. To report it accurately, The Women of Montrose Action Network (WOMAN) unites dedicated, like-minded women, and men, from all walks of life, maximizing talents, time and effort to improve the well-being of our community. Utilizing their vast network of contacts, WOMAN members provide strength in numbers to support local charities through volunteering, building awareness and fundraising for the benefit of our much-loved community. WOMAN "intend to make our community and city a better place for all who live here. We do so through volunteerism, fundraising, awareness campaigns, and social events that celebrate all that is special about the women of our area."

An example of this community strength was witnessed at the Day of Music benefiting Girls Rock Camp Houston held at Fitz on July 24, 2011. Women of Montrose Action Network supported GirlsRock Houston which is an incredible organization that utilizes music to reach out to girls from all around the Houston area. Girls Rock Camp Houston is a one-week summer day camp formed in October 2009 to offer girls music and art based workshops. Targeted areas include: musical development, self-esteem enhancement, creation of their own music, friendship and community building,... and nurturing individual talents within a cooperative atmosphere. Additionally, girls will benefit from physical & artistic activities that complement their music instruction. WOMAN's goal was to raise money for this new 501c organization as well as create an awareness for Girls Rock Camp Houston. There is certainly a need to encourage

While I didn't stay long at the event, the time I spent there sent me in awe and total amazement. There were several bands including, No Love Less, Dear Tess & the Queasy Dreams, Dead Roses, The Kimonos, and Born Again Virgins that came out and showcased their talent in this party for a purpose. The young girls there saw first hand what hard work and dedication can lead to. The room's ambiance was astounding and I am not sure if it was the pretty in pink or the awesome energy of those in attendance and the ladies of WOMAN. The raffles, silent auction, food and great music all made the event worth attending. I look forward to much more from both WOMAN and Girls Rock Camp Houston.

To Learn More about Girls Rock Camp Houston or WOMAN visit:

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