Friday, February 4, 2011

Support: Do We Really?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word 'support' has many meanings and functions in the English language. As a verb (something that one does, action), support is (1) : to promote the interests or cause of (2) : to uphold or defend as valid or right : advocate (3) : to argue or vote for ... It is this function I wish to discuss. Many of us often say, I support you, your business, your cause, your decision, etc. Sure, most genuinely mean what they say. However, I once heard and now believe a funky pair of lips can say anything. I am more interested in the actions of your hands, not the lips.
As an educator, I know that support is imperative on many levels. As a mother, I know that the presence of support is just as critical as the air we breath. As a Lesbian, support has kept make true to who I am and wish to become. As an author/blogger, it is my mission to provide as much support as possible. Social media, and all of its glory, is an extra outlet for the true hustlers of the world to get that supplemental yet simultaneous support from fans, family, and friends. But do the hundreds and thousands of friends really DO, that thing, you know... SUPPORT? Its hard to say. There is a cornucopia of groups, organizations, and businesses with social media presence, and just as many followers, friends and fans; however, if judging on their actions (posts) its ambiguous if there is actual support.
Community support is what any business owner, hustler, and entrepreneur need, yet support often comes from outside the community until its a large enough buzz, on the outside. My community consists of everywhere I am, have been and will go. The lives I touch and those that touch mine. The books, blogs, and online newsletters that I read. The events I attend and sponsor. THAT is my community. Having said that, it is these places and people that I want to see thrive. Being able to go out and satisfy a need because of someone else's idea, dream and action is an inspiration and motivating and in some strange way, for that moment you become a part of one another's lives. After a bad day, going out and listening or sharing at poetry piece, helping a friend celebrate, getting lost in the words of an author, buying unique designs from the lady with the daring outfit on, that is SUPPORT!  Re-posting, promoting and broadcasting things you genuinely enjoy is SUPPORT! Often times our friends will comment on a post of negative innuendo, share the latest heart break, or break down. And while mainstream media makes millions off of these same things, local communities, organizations, businesses and causes can counteract this by supporting. Its amazing the number of views that I receive on my blog each day, yet, there are no comments added. SAY SOMETHING! Community Support, comes by Communicating! Word of Mouth or to stay abreast the times, Words typed is still a powerful tool. This is the basis, foundation of Sweet Tooth Media.
I would like to share a list of sites and social network outlets that I support genuinely. It is my hopes that you check them out, share them, like them, comment on them.
This list isn't comprehensive and is in No particular order:
1. A lesbian website that allows you to post events for free and search for events in your area, or an area you may frequent.
2. A fellow lesbian blogger, that captures news that affect the LGBT community.
3. Author of Taking a Chance At Love
4. A lesbian blog site that shines the spotlight on LGBT trendsetters.
5. The Only Urban LGBT TV network
6. An urban film about lesbian love and scandal by film maker Lyndonne Payne
7. An online site for LGBT merchandise.
8. The one stop shop for entertainment.
9. The Underground Network for Artist
10. Lesbian Car Club that provides support in the community.
11. An online Radio show, that plays the music of underground artists.
12. Handmade jewelry, designs, and wardrobe consulting.
13. Lesbian Author/Extrordinaire

That is all folks. No pictures, no punch lines, just thoughts, my truth, just words. SUPPORT, Do YOU REALLY? If not here's your chance. Show love with Integrity! Its free and we really do appreciate it!

"Buzzworthy Cravings, Creatively Satisfied!"


  1. I truly appreciate the acknowledgement and the SUPPORT. ;-)

  2. Keep doing your thing. Excellent job! And of course you know I support you.

  3. You are doing the Damn thing'll always have my support.