Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Show Me You Love Me: The Punany Poets Public Display of Affection Tour

Jessica Holter, Author / Producer / Activist and Creator of the Punany Poets is one of the most marvelous women, whom I've had the pleasure of working with. As a multifaceted, multi-talented writer, that has connected her passion to her purpose Jessica continues to produce some of the most amazing shows in the world. Addressing taboo topics in minority communities, more specifically, African-American communities, she faces some criticisms, however, she takes pride in being totally supported by her fan base. In a time where HIV/AIDS cases exist at an alarming rate, Jessica, approaches the topic seductively and poetically, to bring awareness to the epidemic that has been infectious in our community. Jessica's lyrical attack on the subject matter has been just as infectious. Engaging audiences across the globe, Jessica and the Punany Poets, performs on a platform that encourages couples to open up lines of communication, experience sheer sensuality and have a healthy and productive sexual relationship. Jessica states, that ..."knowledge is freedom and we cant continue living in ignorance with education readily made available to us..."

Her latest adventure is the 2013 PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION TOUR and is coming to a city and venue near you!!! Jessica Holter's The Punany Poets star in The Punany Experience, A scintillating showcase of Storytelling, Erotic Verse, Comedy, Theatrics Exotic Dance (Adult Language, Artistic Nudity, Audience Interaction *Adults Only) Catch the Newest Punany Poet, MsNightLyfe on the Public Displays of Affection Tour! The 2013 PUBLIC DSPLAYS OF AFFECTION TOUR is a three-movement suite of Poetry, Song, Spoken Word, and Dramatizaton. The individual movements within the 2013 PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION are as follows: The PUNANY EXPERIENCE, The HEAD DOCTOR SHOW, and The SECRET Of The PEARL. Catch the Show ANY WHERE!!!

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Valentine's Day: Loving YOURSELF to Pieces!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and for all the lovers out there its a wonderful thing. Mates join in the commercialized hustle and bustle to show their significant other JUST how much they love them as they profess all for the world to see. For the skeptics and singles, Valentine's Day is OverRated and is viewed as just another day. While both of those extremes are present, I come to aid the "gray matters" in arriving at a common ground. Being single during any celebratory occasion can be quite disappointing, but that's only for the pessimists of the world. Who better than to spend the day of Love with, than the person you love the most: Yourself?

To see the world differently, we must change our perception and thought process. Not having a date on Valentine's day isn't the end of the world. As a matter of fact, being alone on V-Day can be just as much fun as hanging out with some random date or the person you've been meaning to break up with for months but don’t have the balls to do it. Being alone is cheaper, easier and probably a hell of a better idea. Now one may ask what in the world can I do on V-Day to ensure that I'm not dwelling on the fact that I'm alone...The answer is simple, you can do plenty. As a lover of all things self, it no longer bothers me to see others happy and in love. It restores my faith in the existence of true love and provides me with that flicker of hope that a love interest that shares my vision will come along. So, don't focus on the PDA shown by lovers around you, internalize that and show yourself a little PDA as its necessary to lover yourself so much that you allow others the temporary enjoyment of your company. In lieu of Valentine's Day AND the Punany Poets Public Displays of Affection Tour, I recommend the following PRIOR to Valentine's Day.

1. Put yourself in a position to meet other singles- It is important to understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are thousands of available singles out there just like you and just like retailers capitalize on V-Day, matching services, party promoters, and the like also capitalize on your singledom by offering a variety of events to attend. In creating events where others, like you are just wanting to have a good time and mingle, planners understand the need to target the singles. Plan to attend these events, you may meet total jerks but you may also meet a few good ones. Either way enjoy the moment. 

2. Enjoy your singledom...DATE as many or as few people as you would like to! By now you should have had time to mentally prepare yourself for being "alone" on V-Day. In that preparation your suitors or suitees await the moment to spend as much or as little time with you as you allow. So, schedule at least three dates for V-Day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having breakfast, lunch and dinner with a different person in one day. Its fun, reassuring, and allows others to have a sample of  the best you. 

3. Treat YOURSELF- Take yourself on a date! Enjoy all those things that you have really been wanting to do. Have cocktails, do something daring, or plan to spend a quite evening at home with tons of "toys". Whatever it is, no one will treat you better than you. 

Loving you, makes it easy for others to love you too...Know your worth. 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fantasia Barrino, Throwing Stones from her Glass House Balcony

It isn’t uncommon that the New Year brings resolutions and reflections for everyone. This includes politicians that are able to reach decisions concerning the lives of millions of people that entrust their livelihoods to folks that have never lived a day in their lives as well as celebrities that believe that their shit don’t stank' until they are waist deep face down in it. It seems that Fantasia Barrino placed her manure covered foot in her mouth. On Monday, December 31st (New Years Eve), Fantasia decided to release her ill feelings regarding other’s opinions of the mess that has now become her life. During a time that most are reflecting, Fantasia started a new trend with deflecting. It is no secret that Fantasia, destroyed a marriage, laid down her religious upbringing, and violated every woman code that exists to have her slice of someone else’s pie. Despite her obvious disrespect of something as sacred as marriage, her amazing talent has kept fans of all backgrounds and preferences interested in her. So it is no wonder that her latest unintelligible move is being considered offensive.

On instagram , Fantasia posted that “The whole world has gone mad” in a deflective rant that eludes to the judgment of the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana in some states.It seems that instead of focusing on her own role in the outcome of her situation she has decided to focus on the opinions of others that won’t in fact un-do what she did. Certainly we can all understand that what someone thinks of us is irrelevant when we have accepted responsibility for our own short comings and come to terms with them. There is no need to play defense when our offense is strong. This instagram message seems that Fantasia hasn’t come very far in her healing, being defensive. But in her pain, she’s resorted to hurting others. Now while her publicists have already issued statements from the singer, recanting her outbursts … The damage has already been done.
The saddest part of this is that she was simply being honest, and her honesty was considered offensive. Fantasia hasn’t yet mastered the concept of, with freedom, comes great responsibility. She is absolutely free to say whatever she wants, it’s not her problem to how it’s perceived by others, YET, at what cost was it done? Trying to get out of the path of judgment can’t be done judging others. It’s greater than the pot calling the kettle black because sin is sin. No sin is greater than the other. For some in the LGBT community, it was a little harsh. What does the legalization of gay marriage have to do with the fact that she was being judged for committing adultery and having two children out of wedlock? Marriage on any level should never come out of Fantasia’s mouth. What’s so angering is that people with no regards for the sanctity of marriage, love, and those involved have an opinion about what marriage is and isn’t.  No one’s judging, just saying, how can the finger belonging to one sinner be pointed at another sinner, no matter the vice?  So let’s consider, she wasn’t judging because she doesn’t want to be judged…Was she “Just Saying?” If so, what was she saying? Children are always told to think before they speak, a lesson that Fantasia needs a refresher on.  You can’t throw stones and hide your hands from your balcony when you live in a glass house for it will shatter beneath your feet and consume you with it. As 50 Cent says, if you have a glass jaw, keep your mouth closed...


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