Tuesday, May 29, 2012

V.O.T.E.: V.ictoriously O.verturning T.he E.gregious Ignorance

May 29, 2012 Houston, TX- Today marks the Texas Primary Election and this voting day appears to be just like any other: Experienced, older people of color are flooding the voting booths with the occasional young soul breezing through, to make their voice heard in the world. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Young people of  color should do any and everything in their power to vote today!!! Its time that we stop being complaining reactionaries, and become proactive prevention specialists. We cant continue to lay back, "acting" as if things are equal and ok, because we are reminded daily that they aren't. Nor can we continue to walk in voluntary ignorance because we don't care to dig deeper, using surface information, that is "privileged" to us. Now for the rebels out there, I understand that notion that our vote doesn't matter and part of me still feels that way, however, I have no proof that it does or doesn't and counted all joy, find it most logical to vote, because "WHAT IF...?"

During the Civil War Era, well into Civil Rights/Jim Crow Era, people of color fought to vote, fought to be considered as humans, as citizens. In the United States of America, people recognized early on the importance of voting, it meant that their voice mattered. After the Civil War the Constitution was changed to make sure Blacks had the right to vote, yet Whites in the South invented many ways to keep Blacks from voting. Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment, sometimes called the "Great Amendment," to help protect the rights of the freed slaves. It was added to the Constitution in 1868. It stated that all people who were born in the United States, including African-Americans, are considered natural citizens and have the same rights as all other Americans. It also prohibited any state from making or enforcing any laws that took away or hurt an individual’s civil rights. After the Fourteenth Amendment passed, many African-Americans still didn't have all the rights Whites had. Many Whites, especially in the South, continued to treat the Blacks unfairly. Voting was one of the many rights that were stripped from Blacks after the Civil War ended. Many Blacks didn't vote because some Whites didn't want the Blacks to have this power. Voting provided power to change things. These Whites said that Blacks weren't smart enough to vote and wouldn’t know who to vote for. They purposely did not tell the Blacks when or how to vote and did other things so Blacks could not vote. The Fifteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1870 to protect Blacks’ voting rights. It prohibited the national and state governments from refusing citizens the right to vote because of their race, color, or because they were a slave at one time. After the Fifteenth Amendment was passed, a large number of Blacks voted during the late 1860’s through the 1880’s. The African-Americans used their voting rights to gain political power and to protect their rights. Soon, southern states started passing laws to make it harder for Blacks to vote. Some states passed laws that required people to pay a poll tax before voting. Others required people to pass a reading or writing test before voting. Since most Blacks had been slaves their whole lives, they had little money to pay a poll tax and did not know how to read or write. Some people were still trying to take away the civil rights of African Americans. Although many were against the amendments, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments played an important part in the Civil Rights Movement. The amendments declared that Blacks were real people and should be treated as equals and not as property. The amendments also gave Blacks the right to vote, making it possible to change things. (http://library.thinkquest.org/J0112391/the_right_to_vote.htm)

So now that we have had our history lesson, AGAIN, why is it so difficult for our Black Youth to vote? It isn't but connecting the importance of voting with the act of voting seems to be. According to www.DuBoisCentral.com, "In the United States, the right to vote is often taken for granted and for many years, turnout at all but the most highly contested elections has been dismal. Too many Americans forget, however, that the extension of votes to women, African Americans, and (to some degree) poor whites is a relatively recent phenomenon and was won only through concerted struggle. Even today, the struggle to maintain the right to vote is necessary." We are all aware of the recent enforcement of the Voting Act of 1965, and while it hasn't landed in Texas just yet, its coming. When you think about it there is really no need to because young, African American voters (especially those that are most affected) are NOT voting. Many head to polls for national elections (i.e. Presidential Election) but not for the election of local politicians. These are the individuals that make decisions to affect our daily life. The DA is an elected position, that is pushing imprisonment for our people. The judges are elected to the bench, that are sentencing our people. The school boards that have never lived in the areas in which our children are attending school, are elected to those seats and making decisions that drastically limit our teachers and damage our students education. 
Yet, we still don't vote. Maybe some of us ignorantly just don't care and are often drawn in Mass Media's attempt to skew the data, hide the facts, and put in its place some politicians opinion about things that only affect a select population. "It's time for black Americans to set and clarify their priorities and act in concert with them. The choices made today will impact not just their own future, but the future of our whole nation," states Star Parker, of CURE (Center for Urban Renewal and Education).  

The point of it all??? Get off your asses and VOTE!! I would like to leave you with recent commentary found in an article entitled: The Importance of the Black Vote and the Stupidity of Ignoring Them by David Sirota. According to Jim Clyburn from the Washington Post, "We keep talking as if it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter that Obama gets 92 percent of the black vote, because since he only got 35 percent of the white vote, he's in trouble," Clyburn said. "Well, Hillary Clinton only got 8 percent of the black vote. . . . It's almost saying black people don't matter. The only thing that matters is how white people respond. And that's what bothered me. I think I matter." Sirota states, Clyburn is, unfortunately, spot on - and there's two reasons why the phenomenon he describes is such a problem. First and foremost is the idea that black voters are, indeed, treated as less important than white voters. I would even take it a step further: black voters are not only considered unimportant, but are considered only as black voters and nothing else - a very subtly derogatory and dehumanizing characterization in that it implies African Americans are just one dimensional simpletons, rather than multi-dimensional humans. For instance, though much of the African-American community is economically in the "working class," pundits and reporters use economic and other demographic distinctions only to describe white voters, while black voters are just "black voters" - as if the only issue they vote on is race. Chris Matthews, gave us the best example of this when he publicly claimed there's some sort of difference between "regular people" and black people. Of course, you might counter that in a general election, black voters have constituted about 12 percent of the total vote, while white voters have constituted about 79 percent of the total vote, and therefore when comparing demographic subsets, the black vote is less mathematically important than the white vote. Except, even that is a flawed way of looking at the electoral map..." (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-sirota/the-importance-of-the-bla_b_98776.html

Now take that shit to the polls with you and VOTE!!!!! Why are you still sitting there? Not sure if you are able to vote or where to vote visit, http://www.canivote.org/ to find out. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pride and Progress...The Beginning: Houston Splash 2012

Houston TX, May 4-6 2012- Houston Splash is a celebration of Black LGBTQ Pride. In its 17th year of inception, Houston Splash has sought out and achieved the goal of celebrating pride, expression and culture. A plethora of events are planned to suit attendee tastes from all over the U.S.A. Featuring daytime events ranging from mall takeovers to day parties and nightlife good-times hosted by celebrity guests, patrons have a variety of options to choose when deciding how to celebrate. Previously known as a party circuit, Houston Splash has begun moving to a celebration of Pride and Progress. Similar to the Harlem Renaissance movement, creativity and appreciation for the arts mind, soul and body have crept into what has become known as one of the largest, Black Pride events. Extraordinary explosion in music, film, literary studies while striving for excellence are continuously being made in the wake of inequality, injustice and breeches in civil rights. Its critical that during these events, education is rooted in the connection to partying with a purpose. Pride is a time where LGBTQ communities come together and celebrate who they are without ridicule and fear of assault. This should be a given right? Well, any eyes that read this blog, know that isn't the case, no matter how much we would like it to be or ignore that it isn't.  Life still goes on, and Houston Splash has proven that.

In the zone of Pride and Progress, I must address the ugly that is apart of our history. Most LGBT Prides include parties as well as business, health, legal and wealth seminars and other knowledge based events that is meant to provide information that isn't readily available or easily attainable to many in attendance. Houston, has yet to offer the latter of these events. Marketing analysis would say 1 of 2 things: 1. because, of the demographic of those that attend: 18-35, unemployed, underemployed, uneducated or undereducated whose idea of de-stressing is partying, or 2. Promoting efforts haven't been geared toward those that WOULD attend and appreciate what's offered. Yet, the former is the population that SHOULD attend because the information is most beneficial to them. Some others may suggest that the promoters have gone "Hollywood" and are ONLY after the $$$, and have lost the true meaning of putting such events together. I believe it could all of these things, or none of these things. There has been attempts on the promoters part, but financially it wasn't beneficial, because very few attended...because the working man and woman, the educated man and woman find it somewhat frivolous to over do on Splash weekend what they do any other weekend. Whatever the case may be, progress can and will be occur. Pride's mission is or at least seems to be/should be a viable source of Edutainment. Because knowledge is power, it gives attendees a right to be informed and to make better decisions about the quality of life lived all while having a good time.

Now one might ask, "why should there be a separate Black Pride event, when Houston Pride is a rather large event. The answer seems simple, Black Pride caters to "our" needs. While that answer is simple whats not stated with that answer isn't as simple. Indulging, I will say that its because there is still and will always be a lack of unification in small communities. Think: Hatfields and McCoys.
Some may say its a racial thing, and even there, I don't FULLY agree, at least not in terms of Black and White. Race is a major factor and hinderance deep in our society's cloth, yet as a Black people, we're slow to support, we'd rather compete first. Now while, generally speaking, this is a healthy and necessary challenge for anyone in a line of business, however, my people, are very clique-like. In addition to that, we are often uninterested because, no one around us is interested. You are the company you keep. Yet, no one says that the it has to be limited. Support of one's race is like the air you breathe, necessary to live, for our community to live.

So having Pride in my community's Progress, I launched, the S.W.E.E.T Magazine, a Sweet Tooth Media Publication that highlights those culturally revolutionary individuals, businesses and organizations in MY community. MY community is anywhere I 've been, I am, and I intend to go. Being the change that I want to see, I issued literature and protective items provided by AIDS Foundation Houston. There was over 1000 health pamphlets, male and female condoms, and dental dams distributed during Houston Splash this year.  Houston Splash 2012 for me begin with the "Got Damn Day Party" brought to us by DivaOz Houston, Ms. Hunny Ent, Thick Dimes Ent., Kel, and Fifthward Black. It featured 3 on 3 basketball, Putt-Putt, and Live performances by Hollywood & Swagg, Yung Crusay and many more. The event was hosted by Flawless Oz. Everyone in attendance was dab smack in the middle of history in the making at the heart of Pride and Progress: The LGBTQ Renaissance Era. A celebration of gay and lesbian culture. I performed poetry on the stage with some very HOT poets, at Evo Lounge, by request of one of Houston's Biggest Splash Promoters, Her Houston Splash. The weekend ended with The Beach Party, where every and anyone was there. The day was easy and peaceful. At least on my end of the beach. It was a collection of color and a ton of Pride. Some even had so much pride that they refused to move out of the way of moving vehicles... LMAO, no one was injured!

I want to thank everyone that supported the S.W.E.E.T's Magazine launch, and beach event. To DivaOZ and the whole Day Party Producers, THANK YOU for allowing me to make history with you. To Jackson, I am honored that you thought of MsNightLyfe, to SPIT at your spot! To my Family and Friends, THANK YA'LL for putting up with me!

Check Out the Blog Video Of her Houston Splash 2012!!!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Punany Power: An Exclusive and Intimate Interview, with The Punany Poet Creative Genius, Ms. Jessica Holter

Houston, TX: May 21, 2012- Enticing. Exquisite. Efficacious. Effervescent. Exotic. This is Everything that comes to mind when the name Jessica Holter is released from the lips of anyone that speaks it. Jessica Holter, Author / Producer / Activist and Creator of the Punany Poets is one of the most marvelous women, whom I've had the pleasure of speaking with. As an Erotica poet, you could have just imagined the excitement I exhibited when I heard that the Punany Poets were coming to Houston in June 2012. My earliest recollection of the fabulously talented Punany Poets dates back to the early 2000's when I was a sophomore at the University of New Orleans and in the learning prime of my own sexual being.  Having some knowledge on the effects of poetry, it was no wonder that I became  an immediate fan of the Punany Brand. After going through the proper channels to land this Exclusive Interview and a couple of weeks playing phone and email tag, Ms. Holter called me back, expecting to get my voice-mail...Luckily for me, I answered. The interview immediately begin as a "catch up" conversation between old friends. It seemed that we had known each other all of our lives. Her personality was more than nurturing and open, it was heavenly. The conversation was so personal and personable that it lasted for an hour and I had to constantly remind myself, "you ARE conducting an interview, with one of your greatest aspirations...FOCUS". Honored about such a personal accolade: speaking with one of the inspirations for my own lyrical beat, I will attempt to write this interview as it was spontaneously conducted: as a conversation, a story share. 

Jessica Holter is a mother, an activist and a gifted orator. She is a product of the Alameda County foster care system in Oakland, CA who was called to preach at the age of twelve, but found her plans derailed by sexual abuse and rape. She used the power of her pen to heal and survive and, at 41, is an accomplished publisher and author. Her famous hard-cover poetry classic Verbal Penetration and he debut novel The Punany Experience: The War Between Tops and Bottoms were published by Zane (Simon & Schuster) are Available at Amazon, along with 6 self- published titles that include the controversial Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms coffee table shocker than launched her into HBO notoriety. Jessica Holter unwittingly created a contemporary urban design of Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed when she created The Punany Poets in 1995 to address HIV AIDS among disenfranchised Americans of color. See Representin’ the Forbidden, PhD dissertation. Today The Punany Poets is a strong brand and a Theater company dedicated to edutainment through hard-core theatrical presentations surrounding issues of sexuality as it pertains to economics, religion, politics, community mores, self-esteem and health. Read more about The Punany Poets at www.PunanyPoets.com She has just finished writing her sophomore novel Grave Mothers. Visit Jessica Holter online at www.JessicaHolter.com.

As a multifaceted, multi-talented writer, that has connected her passion to her purpose Jessica continues to produce some of the most amazing shows in the world. Addressing taboo topics in minority communities, more specifically, African-American communities, she faces some criticisms, however, she takes pride in being totally supported by her fan base. In a time where HIV/AIDS cases exist at an alarming rate, Ms. Holter, approaches the topic seductively and poetically, to bring awareness to the epidemic that has been infectious in our community. To date, over 230,000 African Americans have died of AIDS - nearly 40 percent of total deaths - and of the more than 1 million people living with HIV in the United States of America today, almost half are black. It is estimated that 78% of African American Women were diagnosed with AIDS by way of heterosexual contact (http://www.avert.org/usa-race-age.htm). Ms. Holter's lyrical attack on the subject matter has been just as infectious. Engaging audiences across the globe, Jessica and the Punany Poets, performs on a platform that encourages couples to open up lines of communication, experience sheer sensuality and have a healthy and productive sexual relationship. Jessica states, that ..."knowledge is freedom and we cant continue living in ignorance with education readily made available to us..."

Friday, June 8th, 2012 8:00pm - The Punany Poets The Head Doctor: Boy Meets Girl. Join Jessica Holter for an intimate and interactive evening of Sex Education Theater. The evening begins with The Head Doctor’s Question & Answer Exchange (30 minutes) and then moves seamlessly into a 90-minute performance of The Head Doctor Show, that is all at once fantastic and familiar, at times inviting audience members to become part of the act. The Head Doctor takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride of fantasy and pleasure that explores human sexuality, touching on issues of romance, dating, poverty, prostitution, marriage and sex in the age of HIV/AIDS… all while keeping it sexy and without being preachy or judgmental. The show is humorous, sexy, witty, wise and unforgettable. The Special Edition of The Head Doctor 2012: Boy Meets Girl also offers "Dating Games for Singles" and "Love Confessions" For Couples. 

Stay Tuned for the Recorded Interview Conversation with Ms. Jessica Holter, coming to a YouTube Channel Near YOU!!!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Eating in Eden's Garden: Charleen "Chikun" Caabay- Chef of kain'bigan'

With every great event, are those producers and players from all walks of life. This is critical to a well-rounded, diverse event. Event Directors from afar have recognized the need to engage and utilize creative  geniuses that indulge in various art forms to create offer a fresh and rich perspective to make their event the absolute BEST!!! Miz Chris of Eden Pride-San Francisco has recognized this crucial aspect and has used it to provide the Greatest entertainment events on this side of the world. Sweet Tooth Media had an opportunity to catch up with one of Eden's Team Members for an up close and personal interview regarding her involvement with Eden Pride.

Ladies, gentlemen, and gentlewomen, please meet Charleen Caabay, Eden in the Bay Outreach Director, Chef Extraordinaire and Owner of Kain'Bigan. Charleen Caabay (aka Chikun), a woman of color – Filipina decent, has geared her support and energy into building positive relationships with one another, in hopes for a greater Queer community. Actively promoting for different women events in the Bay area – Goodtimes, Hotbox, Bliss, and Eden she is always on the move, and eager to build. Outside of the lime light, she’s found love with satisfying many appetites catering to many, as owner and chef of Kain’Bigan.

STM: What inspired your involvement with Eden Pride? The bigger picture with the Queer community.

CC: I always believed that with great leaders, a great team, passion and commitment will lead to great things.

STM: As a Chef, how important is accuracy when preparing for a difficult group?

CC: Accuracy is very important. When people love what you do, others will want the same experience too. Share the love is what they all say and it's true. As a Chef, I put in as much energy and time when I'm catering to any group. If there are specifics that they need, I always try my best to cater to their needs – very important.

STM: With SF being known as one of the largest arenas for LGBT Pride celebrations, Prior do Eden did you find it necessary to have something specific for the ladies?
CC: Prior to Eden, I've always found it necessary to have something specific for the ladies. There were always scattered women parties here and there, but nothing like a women's pride weekend where it's pretty much a one­stop shop. There's options for EVERYONE, and even if you don't go to all the parties, it's still totally worth it!

STM: What is the key component in satisfying many appetites?

CC: That's like asking the secret ingredient in a recipe! I love sharing my secrets though. I would say taste, if you can pack a punch in a single hors d'oeuvre bite to a full course meal, and have the person look at you like “What did you put in here ~ it's AMAZING!” then I know I'm doing something right. :)

STM: June is PRIDE month, and I think its only fair, to share with us your coming out story.

CC: Let's see, I was able 19years old, I was always out and about in the party scene. I was open to all parties. I remember one of my best friends was already “out” she would always encouraged me to go with her to “gay clubs”. At the time “Jaded, Faith, Backstreet, and Club Q” were the rotating clubs I found myself going to on a monthly basis. I felt just right, I met so many people, people who were so open to their sexuality, where it didn't matter what role you played. But it was a place where you can just be.  With that in mind, I slowly opened my options and consciously found a LOVE for women in all corners. Emotionally, physically, I have always had an attraction towards women it was just never put out on the table. I finally embraced my queer sexuality, and was totally accepted. The BEST  feeling EVER and the rest was history!

STM: In celebrating PRIDE, how important is Progress in the LGBTQ community?

CC: Progress is very important in the LGBTQ community. Change is always constant, and there's always room for growth. There's so many things that our community are still fighting for like marriage, and we all have to stay strong and committed in order for change to succeed.

STM: Do you think there will ever be total equality in this life?

CC: I have strong hope that there will be total equality in this lifetime. I'm not saying that it's going to be easy, but if we keep moving forward, each progress counts!

STM: Do you see a separation that exists even in the LGBTQ community on any level?
CC: There's always a separation within our community, not a bad thing. Everyone has different likes, and associate with different things. But it's always great seeing everyone come together during PRIDE, because we are all celebrating as one.

STM: Being a chef involves coordination and creativity, what’s the most difficult thing  about creating?

CC: Having so many different ideas on how to make that creation a masterpiece. It's endless and it always feels good when people appreciate and enjoy it at the same time.

STM: How has being a chef provided you with the edge to take on event promotions?

CC: Three things that tie it together, love for my people, food, and community. I found my niche in cooking for people, and found great joy in it. I developed a drive in bringing everyone together, whether it's an intimate house party or a mega club event, everyone always wants to have a good time and life should always be that way.
STM:Where can we find more information about Chikun and Kain’bigan?

CC: You can definitely find more information on my website: www.kainbigan.com or you can check
out my facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/kainbigan/219300829327 where I love sharing about my Filipino culture, daily affirmations, food pictures, events, Interview Questions for Charleen Caabay and other organizations that I support.
And THAT's how she Gets Down..in and out of the kitchen!! The slogan, Let's Eat, My Friends encompasses all that Charleen has shared with us. If you are in the Bay Area, or ever visit the Bay Area, be sure to get a taste of Kain'Bigan! Stay Tuned as we see Charleen in action at Eden in the Bay, June 21-24, 2012 San Francisco!

For your chance to WIN All-Access Passes, Play Sweet Tooth Media's Eden Pride Poll on Facebook!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hollywood Fashions Presents Stars in the SpotLight Fashion Show and Charity Event

Houston, TX- April 1, 2012: You're blinded by the spotlight, cameras flashing, and a red carpet-esque amount of fabulousness, only you're not in Hollywood! You are surrounded by sheer elegance at the Ayva Center of Houston. The room is filled with a beautiful ambiance as gorgeous women, busy designers and boutique owners scurry about adding final touches here and extra bits of glam there. Artists of the Fiyaworks Entertainment R&B Revue rehearse, while others visit the bar and find their perfect nooks for waiting for the show to begin. My stomach growls as the enticing aroma of Ms. Wanda's Cajun Cuisine tickles my nose, while I mingle, observe, and mingle some more readying myself for the Stars in the Spotlight Fashion Show and Charity event to take off. And then it begins..."Let us bow our heads so that we may bless the food...", said Pastor Kermit "KC" Childs.

Hollywood Fashions Presents: Stars in the Spotlight Fashion Show and Charity Event produced by Brian Keith Productions, Caprigo Events, and Thedies the StyleMaster, celebrated the birthday of the Lovely Gail Veals aka Ms. Hollywood Fashions, and benefitted the Share a Basket Foundation, a Domestic Violence and Rape Victims Support Organization. Fashions were presented by Revamped, Sumptuous Sulay, Haute Chic Boutique, and Hollywood Fashions. Vendors included Top Notch Ent, Exclusive Couture. This fabulous event was hosted by Nnete of 97.9 the BOX Radio. Entertainment was provided by the Funky Brown and Serve Band and none other that the talented, media mogul herself, Mz. Fiya, of Fiyaworks Entertainment and ATeam Media Broadcasting and featured entertainment provided by the sultry, the sexy Tashay, Expensive English featuring Izzy Izadore, Avery, Seth, Sydnee Jane and Janettes, Lyric, and so many more! The event was more than I could have ever bargained for. Tickets beginning with a sales price of only $25.00 included such elaborate entertainment, fashions and food. The entertainment, the artists brought a profound energy with them and the spirit of celebration was certainly in the air. This was one of the most DIVA like ways to spend a birthday...the catch is it uplifted DIVAS everywhere.

While the lights, camera, and action are sure to steal the show, it was astoundingly moving that it benefitted a worthy cause. The Share a Basket Foundation, Incis a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit organization that serves the Greater New Orleans region. Share A Basket Foundation's mission is to promote, educate, motivate and assist families with the tools necessary to overcome adversity and rebuild the family infrastructure through Support, Teaching, Empowerment and Prayer. (S. T. E. P.) To celebrate your birthday by appreciating what you love, while enriching the lives of others is a noble thing!

Take a glimpse inside the Hollywood Lights at this Phenomenal event!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Eden In the Bay: Something for the Ladies!

Sweet Tooth Media is a PROUD Media Sponsor of Eden in the Bay-San Francisco Pride. EDEN and EDEN Pride Events are the brainchild of Miz Chris who produces events for LGBTQQIA community, locally, regionally and nationally. Miz Chris is known for producing quality events throughout the United States. Owner of Butch-Femme.com the oldest genderqueer site on the internet, she began her event production career in 2003 with the Butch-Femme Bash in Las Vegas. She then traveled that event to New Orleans, Baltimore, Dallas, Vegas (again) and Oakland. She moved to the Bay Area in the summer of 2008 and has been enjoying her time here in the gayest place on earth. Miz Chris is being helped out by some very  talented and busy individuals. When asked who were some of those instrumental in helping Eden Pride becoming a success, I was told, that there are almost too many to name everyone, yet each person brings an area of expertise and creative edge to Eden's production. The names provided were: Shay who is a marketing specialist with a large firm in Silicone Valley; Chaney, who is an entertainment event and production director; and Charleen, ("Chikun"), who is a Chef Extraordinare and the name of her restaurant and catering company is Kain'Bian.

Learn more about this history in the making event and stay tuned for your chance to win 2 All Access Passes to Eden Pride Weekend.  EDEN Pride Weekend is a 4-day event during Pride in San Francisco for women, queers, transfolks and our friends and allies. Ten events over four days with Celesbians, hot musical performances, national celebrity DJs, dancers, our host hotel and over 5,000 women come together for this amazing event.

EDEN Welcome Party/Fashion Event/Afterparty
Date/Time: June 21st, 2012
Description: It all starts here at the EDEN Welcome Party. Your ticket to the
BEST Pride Events for women and our friends. Come nosh, grab a drink and
pick up your Pre-Purchased tickets or buy them so you don’t have to wait in line!
Right after check out the EDEN Fashion Show with hot fashion designers from
San Francisco and the Bay Area it’s American’s Next Top Model meets Project
Runway! After the show, stay and get your groove on with our hot Celebrity DJs,
Celesbians and Models at the EDEN Fashion Afterparty. A great way to start off
your Pride Weekend.
For details go to www.edeninthebay.com
Location: The Cellar, 685 Sutter St, SF

EDEN Lip Service Comedy Show
Date/Time: June 22nd, 2012
Description: Get ready to laugh until your side splits. EDEN loves its funny
ladies and the comedy show has three of them coming directly to you to get you
started off right on Friday night! Being held at the gorgeously appointed Terra.
Headliner: Sandra Valls
For details go to www.edeninthebay.com
Location: Terra, 511 Harrison St, SF

EDEN Block Party
Date/Time: June 22nd, 2012
Description: WE MADE HISTORY LAST YEAR so this year we are going bigger
and harder! 3 PARTIES, 3 VENUES, 1 BLOCK! all next door to each other, 1
outdoor venue, 2 indoor venues, 1 hot night. Save your cab money because all
the women you can possibly want to meet and party with will all be just a few
steps away! Every genre of music for every taste. We are taking over Harrison
St in San Francisco at the hottest clubs in the city! Celesbians galore, over 15
Celebrity DJs on the decks, performers, dancers, food trucks and so much more!
For details go to www.edeninthebay.com
Location: The Sound Factory 525 Harrison St, SF - The Garden of EDEN (btw
Sound Factory & Terra) - Terra, 511 Harrison St, SF

Date/Time: June 23rd, 2012

Description: Wear your biggest shades to hide the aftermath of your get down
and dirty night at the EDEN Block Party and join us for our favorite meal of the
day BRUNCH!!! Join EDEN and the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) for Brunch
only blocks away from the world famous DYKE MARCH!
For details go to www.edeninthebay.com
Location: Andalu, 3198 16th St, SF

EDEN Signature Party
Date/Time: June 23rd, 2012
Description: Anything can happen here…EDEN’s Signature Party is being held
at the sexiest space in the city. The Supperclub is a creative experience to titillate
all your senses. THIS YEAR we are adding a second dance room plus additional
space and bars to accommodate all you lovely party people. Do not be afraid to
discover the creative corners of your personality, the depths of your sensual self
and how far you will go surrounded by beds, performance, music, Celesbians,
dancers... take a bite from our forbidden fruit and trust us you will never be the
For details go to www.edeninthebay.com
Location: Supperclub, 657 Harrison St, SF

EDEN Pride Afterparty
@Good Times
Date/Time: June 24th, 2012
Description: Did you know that Oakland has the largest per-capita lesbian
population in the US? Yes it’s true! That’s why on the last night of Pride we come
back to Oaktown to kick it one more time at the Bay Area’s favorite weekly party
for women, queers, transfolks. Good Times is always exactly that; gorgeous
positive people vibing to the hottest sounds in the Bay. Throwbacks, R&B, Soul,
Hip Hop, Reggae, Classic Hits with VIP Area. A 15 minute Bart ride from SF and
only two blocks from the 19th St Bart in Oakland
For details go to www.edeninthebay.com
Location: The Den, 1912 Telegraph, Oakland

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Go: F**k Yourself: May is National Masturbation Month

We are all aware that each month brings us different events and causes to celebrate  to make us all aware of things that we wouldn't normally pay attention to or weren't informed about. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. November is AIDS Awareness Month. February is Black History Month. Well nothing and I mean NOTHING, could have prepared me for what has to be by far one of the most fun awareness niches celebrated in May: National Masturbation Month....Go on think long and hard on that one! I can't help but reflect that before now May was the month to celebrate Moms. Is anyone thinking that if more people celebrated May as Masturbation Month there would be less mothers celebrating their existence? Its OK, if you are, it has been said now!

National Masturbation month was declared in May, 1995, by San Francisco–based sex-toy and -education shop Good Vibrations.  As with anything progressive, the focus has shifted from primarily Masturbation, to a positive sexual focus and used as a time to provide public health education and information as an approach to safe and healthy sex. An array of events have been created to ensure that this awareness is widespread. One such event is the Masturbate-a-Thon which was originated by the collective Open Enterprises, which operates Good Vibrations in 1999. Rachel Venning, the found of the adult toy shop, formely known as Toy in Babeland (now known as Babeland), coined the slogan "Come for a Cause". (www.Wikipedia.com) Each event, individual and organization has one mission and that is to let people know that self-pleasure is perfectly fine and necessary to de-stigmatize the desire, ability and willingness to sexually 'loving' yourself.

I believe that masturbation is a non-medicinal, therapeutic path to maintaining sanity, however, not everybody thinks this way. Masturbation has a long history of stigma, shame and misconceptions. In Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation, historian Thomas W. Laqueur argues that ideas about modern masturbation emerged quite powerfully in the early 18th century in the form of a new “disease” that required medical intervention. Masturbation was thought to cause blindness, madness and a host of other physical ailments and moral defects. By the mid-19th century there was a booming anti-masturbation market, including devices such as erection alarms, penis cases, sleeping mitts and hobbles to prevent girls from spreading their legs.The meanings associated with masturbation underwent a slow but steady transformation in the 20th century. In the 1960s and ’70s, masturbation was embraced by the women’s movement as a vital part of female sexuality and a stepping stone to sexual liberation. Feminists challenged Freud’s theory of sexual development, which posited that both masturbation and clitoral orgasms were infantile. They wrote books, held workshops and started vibrator businesses in an effort to reclaim masturbation as a feminist issue, turning the previous “anti-masturbation” market completely on its head. (http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/news/2011/may/11/may-national-masturbation-month/ )

Playing with oneself is a great way to connect with yourself, find out what you like and how you like it. In addition to that, it is an immediate stress reliever. Then there is always the Use it or lose it.” principal. According to Las Vegas Weekly, "Evidence suggests that when people experience prolonged periods without engaging with their sexual responses, those responses diminish. According to Glickman, “Solo sex is a wonderful way to keep bodies happy, healthy and responsive.'" So Go FUCK Yourself, its natural, common, and healthy. Here's to celebrating the Official Jack-Off Month!!! Indulge and Enjoy!!!

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