Monday, April 30, 2012

The S.W.E.E.T.® Magazine, a Sweet Tooth Media Publication

April 30, 2012

Houston, TX- Sweet Tooth Media has been dedicated to capturing the extraordinary works of cultural trendsetters and revolutionaries. Since its inception almost two years ago, Sweet Tooth Media has provided a variety of information, support, positive online press, sponsorships and more to an array of local and national artists, businesses, entertainers, organizations and entrepreneurs. At Sweet Tooth Media, we are more than ecstatic to continue to live our mission and achieve our goals. As progress has been constant for us, we are expanding so that we can continue to meet the needs of our readers and the Buzz Worthy, entrepreneurs. Sweet Tooth Media is PROUD to announce the Official Launch of the  The S.W.E.E.T.®  (Successful While Evolving Expressive Trends)Magazine on May 5, 2012 during the 2012 Houston Splash Weekend.

An extension of Sweet Tooth Media BlogSpot, The S.W.E.E.T.® is a promotional magazine providing the public with trendy, relevant, and buzzworthy retail information. The mission of The S.W.E.E.T.®is to provide its readers with a wealth of information and education to make informed decisions, all while doing what they love! We believe that our readers should be afforded the absolute best when it comes to satisfying needs, desires and absolute must-haves, from companies that offer exceptional products, entertainment, prices and customer service.
A full color 30+ page magazine, with advertisements, buzz worthy events, cultural and educational articles, and community driven highlights, The S.W.E.E.T.®, is the first of its kind in that there are a limited number of publications that attend and advertise culturally diverse entrepreneurs and small businesses.  The S.W.E.E.T.® will be in print and digital (online). The magazine is quarterly and will be in active print from May to August (1st Quarter). 

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Healthy Fabulous: The No Limit Health & Fashion Expo, No Bars Held!!!

Health and the Black woman have become synonymous terms. The health risks and issues that plague the black woman are plentiful, severe and often untreated. Lack of health care plays a large part in some of these problems. African-American women are less likely to receive health care. When they do get care, they are more likely to get it late. This means, for instance, problems like breast and cervical cancers aren't found early, when they are most treatable. Or, the chance to prevent or delay diabetes is lost. Generations of racism and poverty also play a part. So do lack of trust in the medical system, cultural differences, problems accessing care, and a lack of knowledge about the importance of tests to screen for major health problems. For some diseases, genetics also may contribute to risk. Whatever the reasons for this health gap, African-American women can take charge of their personal health and seek the health care they need. Thanks to awareness campaigns and events black women can become informed about their health. One such event was the NO LIMIT Health and Fashion Expo, presented by Events by NEVI! Lisa Love, the creator extraordinaire of this fabulous event, feels that it's important for womenof color to be educated, supported and inspired, which was the reason for masterminding this event!
The Lovely Lisa Love

Ms. Rae Crosby, of Sh'E!

The NO Limit Health and Fashion Expo, was held at THEO'S Restaurant 812 Westheimer on Saturday, March 17, 2012, and featured Fashions by Thedies the Style Master, Sh'E-She Has Evolved, Sumptuous Sulay-plus size apparel, Shoes by ADDitudes Boutique, Make Up by SDM Make Up Artistry, Gifts by Kandles by Design, and Live Performance by Hamone' tha black pearl. Vendors included YWCA Health Transitional Living, Houston Health: It's to D.I.E. For (Do It Everyday), Domestic Violence Prevention, Toiletry for Families, and LHI, Lesbian Health Initiative. Presented by events by NEVI, who is committed to creating memorable experiences for everyone with entertainment that crosses a broad spectrum of interests, also, offers a host of community engagement initiatives throughout the Greater Houston area and neighboring communities.

Fashion trends presented included Formal attire, Fantasy (Over The Top) Apparel, prints, neon colors , edgy lines and more! The models were strutting their stuff in fabulous stilettos and wedged heels. Each lady brought with them their unprecedented, unique flair and personality, complementing the fabulous pieces they were wearing. The models who graced the runway were Crystal Maxwell, Leah Vasquez, April, And Ka'Lynn.

If you missed this event, you missed a wealth of information and great entertainment! To have your face in the place of the next event, stay tuned to

For more information about the health vendors and specific services they provide, please see the list below. To get a glimpse of the total awesomeness that you did NOT experience, Stay Tuned for the video presented by Sweet Tooth Media, recorded by K5 Productions, Created by Mirrored Impressions Photography!

1. Houston YWCA-

2. Houston's 2 D. I. E. 4™ (Do It Everyday)-

3. Domestic Violence Prevention-

4. Toiletry for Families-

5. LHI-

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Houston, TX- Change is Going to Come...Isn't It?- Trayvon Martin Case Commentary Update

Today is April 12, 2012 and just yesterday, George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch dog, whose bark was louder than his bite, so he shot an unarmed teen, was FINALLY arrested!!! Its been a long time coming, but was it worth the wait?? The prevalence of racism in the good ole U.S. of A. is alive and well. Prior to the election of President Obama, there was obvious suppression of racist thoughts, words, and actions by those with little to no pigment in their skin. It seems that outright racism is indeed surfacing, due to their inability to handle change and progress. The death of Trayvon Martin, unfortunately, has become the example of such ignorance. I could load this post with tons of facts that are available at the tip of your fingers, but I'd rather not. Instead, I want to give you ALL something to ponder.... How is the Stand Your Ground Law admissible when, Trayvon Martin was the one who was pursued, voice was identified on the 911 calls, wasn't committing a crime, and continued his path home from the store?? The media constantly flood the airways with scattered information, yet the information provided, confirms that Zimmerman wasn't in jeopardy and Trayvon wasn't committing a crime... This world is on the brink of World War 3, and if you aren't part of the 1 percent, and unwilling to submit to them, then you'd better be prepared for the attempt of oppressive regression.

Check Out the Video, from the March 24, 2012 Million Hoodie Photo Shoot, Presented by No Labels Record's own, Naisha Hobbie. This is a SweetToothMedia, Mirrored Impressions Photography Collabo! View It, Share It, Leave a Comment!!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fiya's Red Hot Birthday Bash and ShakeDown...Party with a Purpose

Drinks flowing, music bumping, ladies right and money is too! The ambiance of this room is one of true support and total participation. The crowd is all the way turnt up and ready to party! Ms. Fiya, DJ and comedienne extraordinaire, media mogul, entrepreneur, is working the room from all angles greeting and situating her guests all while, paying the bills and hosting....a woman of many talents and it's her birthday! Fiya as well as her guests arrive all adorned in varying shades of red, fire reds, apple reds, true reds all filled the room! Fiya made a personal commitment for 2012' to help spread and create awareness of social and health issues and organizations that plague and assist our community. Those mentioned were the AIDS Foundation, American Diabetes Association, and The American Heart Association. Once every special guest was in their place, the show begin and Fiya requested that everyone else move in closer because they were special guests too there was just a chair erupts in laughter! First on the stage, was the legendary, the sexy, the beautiful New Orleans own,Ghetto Twiins who performed one of their latest hits and then by crowd demand, an old time favorite, "Responsibility". The ladies of course graced the stage, set it on fire,showed up and showed out, getting the crowd good and ready! It mos def took me back being in the presence of the talented duo! Gracing the stage next was, the gorgeously sexy, Chocolate Ty! This talented Houston living female MC added her very special fuel to the fire and torched the friggin place! Performing a very personal new favorite of mine, entitled Thunder Cat, paying homage to the thick thigh power, of the female anatomy. She makes me proud to be a resident of Houston and I am officially a fan, because her talent is astounding and definitely Out-of-this-world...

Houston we have another problem and her name is Chocolate Ty! Other local talent graced the stage such as Ozzy, Too Deep, Qmane, and more! Young D, another up and coming rap artist, remembered a slained friend as he performed a hot track. Money Feen Nation, brought to the stage a hot, drunk, dance energy with the hits like Cookin in My Levi's and HTown Swaggin, that kept the club hype!

Also in participation was Parents Against Predators, an organization that advocates for children that are victims of child and sexual abuse! This was certainly a party with a purpose! Fiya, you have done it once again! Inside this little hot spot situated right in the heart of Houston's Third Ward, at ReBar Houston, there is a great sense of unity and belongingness! I am totally honored to have been invited to have been invited out!

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